High School Football Games coming up for this week

Northern Guilford at Page….Page is the last team to beat NG and it happened back in Game One for NG, in 2011….Page very impressive in Week One win at Davie County, in Mocksville….NG still on a mission to keep the wins coming..
Southern Guilford at Grimsley….Grimsley now with a full head of steam and SG with a steamroller in Reggie Gallaspy and he can move fast when he gets loose….SG will need more than Gallaspy to top Grimsley….
Dudley at Ragsdale…Dudley has what could be the best defense in the 6-county area and one of the best in the state…Large challenge here for the Tigers…Six county area for clarification goes:Guilford, Forsyth, Alamance, Randolph, Rockingham, Davidson….
Western Guilford at Northwest Guilford…There was a time when NWG could not beat WG, but now the ball is in the Vikings’ corner of the field…
Southeast Guilford at Northeast Guilford….SEG is loaded with that big offensive line up front and if they can follow-up on last Friday night’s win, they could make things very tough on the Rams…Hard to stop one of those Falcon buses with Coach Fritz in the driver’s seat….
Southwest Guilford at High Point Andrews…Andrews is going to try and make up for lost time, but SWG may be ready to prove to all that they are for real….
Lee County at Smith…Lee County means the former Eastern Randolph staff, led by Coach Burton Cates, will be coming to town….
High Point Central at Asheboro…HP Central appears to be even stronger than first predicted…The kid name Mack, at quarterback, was showing no slack against Andrews last Friday night….
West Montgomery at Eastern Guilford….EG has a lot of momentum heading into Week # 2 and the ‘Cats will be going crazy if they can find a way to win again this week and begin the 2013 season at (2-0)…..I remember years ago when Coach Gammons was in charge at West, but not sure who is calling the shots down there these days….

*****Could be a big one here and we add-in Rockingham County @ Reidsville……*****

No favorites or call outs on this early-week listing and it is just a listing with no real intentions of showing anyone’s hand here at the beginning of the week…..


  1. This guy has been sipping the Jim Jones kool-aid…lol Dudley is real buddy that D is Real….im done entertaining that bunch of heap…lol

  2. What did Dudley defense give up last season 288 points allowed? You’re going to have to be much more improved than that with you want the title as best D.

    Shutting down a less than impressive 2A Carver team is one thing, let’s see Dudley start shutting down some good teams and good offenses on the field before (in the words of Denny Green) we start crowning you.

  3. Believe me we know how titles are won with D homeboy..lol what im saying is this D is a great D if not better than the 08 D…they’re big stronger..crisp tacklers, and their fast…you’ll Coach Davis coached.. me 3 years ….you will witness ..they hurt people (with in the game)

  4. The Number Guy is good with that calculator and deep into last years history book.

    Dude , wake up…it’s 2013

  5. Andy, Andy….easy on the Grimsley kool-aid. It was just one game. Yeah, Grimsley had a nice win. But conventional wisdom says Ragsdale is rebuilding. I know you love to bandwagon but come on you are still a journalist right?

  6. dudley defense is all people talk about..until proven other wise by numbers northern has the best defense..they gave up nothing in alot last year, playoff games too

  7. Dudley may have one of the best defense in the area, but the big measuring stick will come against teams like Page & Hillside. Last year was last year, but I’m not sure if Dudley defense is at the caliber level of the 08 and 09 Dudley defense. The 2013 Panther defense may be close to it but it’s too early to tell now with only one game out of the way. Don’t flip this around and say I was talking down on the Panthers D, I’m just saying let a few games go by before you crown it one of the greats.

  8. Dudley & HPC may give up the least amount of points & yards a game, if everyone stay healthy.

  9. John John,
    Happy to see you are chiming in often on Grimsley since you know your Pirates are going to be down this year. Should be a good game at Northern this week.

  10. GFan I do not at all know that Page will be down this year. They opened with a nice win over Davie on the road, and they are not exactly china dolls out there at Davie. When Ragsdale’s coach himself says his team is very young, there you go. Again nice win by GHS, just that you can’t tell by one game. Page may have a year that is down by their standards. Lets see what happens. Same with Grimsley. Andy is ready to anoint them as conference champs after one game.

  11. Still gonna be very hard for Grimsley to beat Dudley, Page and SEG….Those were my top three teams on the Metro with our preseason picks…

    Another team to really keep an eye on is Southern Alamance….Their QB Jonathan Lloyd is one heck of an athlete….

    Will always work to build the Page-Grimsley rivalry….It is good for both schools at the gate…..Grimsley must keep their top talent healthy to keep a run going this season…No room for harm/injury to Jake Simpson, Scott Johnston, O-Line and other key components….

  12. Big win in wk 1 for the Whirlies vs Ragsdale…score should of been a lot better for Grimsley and if the offense hadn’t had an early miscue(mental error), Grimsley would of pitched a shut out…overall a W is a W…so Heck yeah we will take it.

    No one is gonna think anything about Grimsley, and Heck why should they, Grimsley hasn’t had a winning season for 6 yrs. In all actuality, that’s just they we want it…we are playing for the pride of Grimsley HS…its been a long time since Grimsley HS has been able to be excited about its football program…I am proud to be on this staff AMD the kids are working hard to right this ship, as is this awesome coaching staff Coach Neal has put together. Especially with Coach Mac and myself being former Marines, the discipline is definitely getting instilled in these young men. Also, character and what it means to be a young man, not just a football player. That is why these kids believe in what we are coaching them. I learned early on from ahreat Coach my mentor and good friend Coach Keane Dixon, that to the kids its not what we know as coaches, but that we care for the kids, once the kids know that us as coaches truely care, then they will give their all that you ask for them because 100% know that their well being is more important and us as Coaches would never put them in a bad situation. When youachieve that as a coach, the young men on your team will leave a tradition behind for the underclassmen to continue to maintain and build on that success. Grimsley football is headed in that direction, yes time will tell but when turning a down football program around, the first step is to guide these young men in the right direction. So for all the haters of Grimsley, keep it up cause that only means Grimsley Football is doing the right thing…and if anyone has a problem with Grimsley Football demanding nothing less then excellence, so be it…the haters will only fuel the fire of a program that has a spark and will only continue to build from wk 1!!!!!! GO WHIRLIES!!!!

  13. LOL…a couple typos but the main one is my mentor’s and close friend’s name…its Kwame Dixon, not Keane Dixon…sorry Coach Dixon…lol…

  14. Grimsley will be fine the next couple weeks playing the smaller schools. When they get to HPC, NW, Mt Tabor, Page, Dudley, and SE we will see how good they really are.

  15. Fair enough…whoever you pull for JUSS SAYING…Good luck on their season…no matter what, Guilford county teams will have good seasons and hope all can stay healthy and injury free…onanother note…outside the county…the matchup between Charlotte Catholic and Northwestern should be a great matchup…one of the top Rb’s in the nation vs one the top passing teams in the country…any thoughts my friends…


    You wish. Page Should’ve beaten Davie by 20+ points, but the long-snapper made two mistakes. Thankfully, we do have an NFL Pro-bowler as our softball coach that also specialized in long-snapping. He has been spending time with the team, and our special teams will undoubtedly improve.

    What do you have, exactly? Without TJ you’re weak. Without him you don’t win last year, and honestly you shouldn’t have won ANYWAY due to that ridiculous ghost call on the Page TD.

  17. I would normally be the last one to say this, lest I further feed the already incredibly swelled egos of the arrogant Northern fans, but we don’t know what the Nighthawks have yet. Saying they are weak may not be a fair assessment. True, TJ is gone but they return their QB and a lot of the guys on defense. From what I read, they have some new guys on the OL. Just have to see.

    But, Big Buck, I will agree with your take on last year’s game. Page was royally screwed. There were at least 3 different reasons given for the phantom flag. That TD the zebras called back would have clinched the game for Page. I can’t believe Rusty Lee did not submit an official protest or grievance after that game.

    Page has a score to settle with these guys. We’ll see what happens this Saturday night.

  18. @ Bigbuck,

    You will see soon enough…. CJ Freeman, Mook Reynolds, Chris Ripberger, Cam Harris, Austin Coltrane, TJ Ruff, Robert Wilcox, and several others all started on last years STATE CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM!!!!! They are all coming to the pirate ship this Friday and they are going to sink it!

  19. oh ok….so it was a phantom call that won the game for us last year. Can’t wait to hear your excuse this year! After we spank you guys it’s on to those little vikings!

  20. Obviously meant Friday night. Not Saturday. Lol

    Nighthawks you are such a pathetic fanboy tool. What are you, 12?

  21. @ John,

    Why you mad? Must be a Northwest Fan! LOL! Guess you really going to be mad this year when Northern makes it 5 in a row!!!! LMAO!

  22. Andy you left off the Battle for Rockingham County. Rockingham @ Reidsville. The Rams haven’t shut out McMichaels 32-0 last week while Rockingham took one on the chin when Southwest Guilford 28-14. The Rams have Junior Running Back Jayron Rankin who last year ran for almost 1350 yards and 25 Td’s. The Cougars have 11 returning starters with Collin Paschal being the workhorse. Give the knod to the Rams as they have Head Coach Jimmy Teague back on the Sideline.

  23. Andy, the coach at West Montgomery years ago was Coach Garmon. They have one of the best all around Quarter Backs in the state. He is one heck of a runner.


    Have fun with your little “rivalry” with NW. Everyone knows what game actually matters in Greensboro. Even if one team is usually crap, the pageantry and rivalry is so much better

  25. Can’t figure how a guy who had to buy his offense off the Internet can get on here and run his mout so bad. I mean yea grimsley wasn’t great last year but if memory serves, wasn’t the almighty coach res at hpc last year? And if that was the case, didn’t that lowly coaching staff that coach Coiro had beat hpc last year? I mean I would think an offensive guru could take a team with 11 seniors and score more than just 20 points against a team that is rebuilding such as ragsdale is. Just a few thoughts, I would think coach res would worry more about coaching than putting stuff on a blog site.

  26. Tired of Coach Res?

    He made one post. Long but it was just one. Neat to have a coaches take on things without the smack talk (that coaches shouldn’t be doing).

    Grimsley is the talk of the town right now. Won’t be that way all season. As a new Whirley supporter, I’ll take the 15 minutes of fame. It’s week 1 of the season.

    I’ve seen a couple other coaches give their points of view too in this thread and other stories. I think it’s great to get that insider view.

  27. MIM – it hasn’t been one post form your Coach Res. If you were to look through other threads you would know this. Everyone has their opinion, but to me, its pretty unprofessional what Coach Res is doing. To me, his posts read very selfish and tooting his own horn…but masks that he tries, with “hype” and “enthusiasm” for the program. I don’t know the man. But this isn’t a place for coaches. In any aspect. I have come to know that if you have to “tell” everyone what you are about(for example…his military background, as he informed us, and how he is teaching these kids discipline and more than football) then you probably aren’t really doing it. Take your words and shove them. Actions speak. There are coaches on the current GHS staff that have been there before this year. To read Coach Res, I’d have a hard time working with him if I were one of those guys. His posts put down the work and foundation that those guys have put in… i.e. Coach Neal the head coach that has been there for years. If I were the head coach…I would tell my assistants to shut their mouths. Assistants aren’t the voice of the program. That is the head guys job.

    IMO, Coach Res should probably take a long look at himself and these seniors who have worked hard to improve…Long before he showed up. Coach Res has a job to do. And honestly, it/he has no place on here. Because he is only going to end up taking away form what the kids accomplish this season at the rate he is going. Egos always get in the way.

    Lets just see how accountable he is if you look up and GHS is 1-5 in a few weeks. I am not predicting that, I do not think they will be, but if they were, this guy doesnt strike me as the type to take ownership of that.

    He does come off on here…as the guy that will only find a way to pass the buck….specifically to the former coaches at GHS and before he graced GHS with his presence.

  28. First of all, to this tired of coach res guy…you have no right to tell anyone who can and can’t post on any site…and yes I was at HPC…but didn’t take over calling plays until after the EF game…I far from have an ego…it sounds to me that you are just sour…I have coached once before at Grimsley, and anyone that knows me will tell you I am a stand up guy and care about the kids…however, those who have followed Grimsley through the years knows that Grimsley has had a discipline problem…ha Coach Neal himself will tell you that…the problem is this person running their mouth has no clue what they are talking about…I have never said anything out of line on this site…my ver first post about people whining was directed at people just like you…unlike you I have nothing to hide as is why I put my name on here. Because, I am doin nothing wrong except being excited about being a part of a great school. If I offend you because I am excited about the parents, fans, teachers, faculty, and everyone else is excited about the changes with the program, then you sir have no clue what high school sports are about…I don’t remember the last time anyone talked about the Grimsley except putting them down or for something negative…so after years people are actually excited about being apart of the Grimsley HS fan base…then you are the only one with a problem!!!

  29. Do some of you that read my post see my point now???

    Coach didn’t take over the play calling at HPC until after the EF game. making the point that he wasn’t calling the plays against GHS. Accountable???? not so much. Pass the buck???? Yep. Hey, I take your word coach. You didnt call the plays at HPC until after GHS beat you. Got it. Understood. You had to make that clear for all of us. See, that is ego. GO coach. Go be excited. Go be optimistic. YOU SHOULD BE. That is your job. To be clear, my post was my opinion of you on this board. And my opinion that you as a coach should not be. I did not hate on GHS. Only you as a “professional” and trolling around on here…at all hours…speaking for the program as if that is your job. It isn’t. And maybe you are a standup guy….but then again…like I said earlier. If you have to tell us…I don’t put stock in it. Where are all the people that know you?? not one here…crickets in the corner of “Coach is a stand up guy”. All we hear is you singing your own praise. Yet you don’t have an ego. Gotcha. Again…do GHS a favor….get off of here…and go win some games.

  30. Dude….just coach the team and let the fans do the talking! We are the fans thats what we do cause we cant play or coach….You are the coach thats what you do. Coach the team and let us talk the smack. If you want to be on this end quit coaching and join us! Till then just chill with all the posting!!! You can’t win this debate!!!!

  31. I like the fact that Coach Res gets in there and helps the kids and he comes across with a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm…

    We need more people like him…Too many people just stand back looking and watching and Coach Res jumps in there and tries to make a difference for his school/team and his kids….

    Remember what they said about ‘ole Dan Tucker when they said “Get out the way of ‘ole Dan Tucker, he’s too late to get his supper, supper’s over and breakfast is cooking, ‘ole Dan Tucker just stands there looking….

    Coach Res is willing to get in the game and doesn’t mind working hard to build the positives…

  32. You need to pay attention to this one Coach….Let the results speak for you! Why are you on here posting so many comments? Fans who don’t like Grimsley will just keep talking smack to keep this going. Meanwhile your not doing your players or school any favors!!

  33. Hey…Tebow…and Coach Res…..just so excited. Haha. But in all seriousness…its not funny. Its typical and pitiful to be honest. Like a few posts ago….let your results speak….and then….BE HUMBLE. GRACIOUS….and humble. Both key ingredients for true success.

    Coach…Hope you do great things at GHS. But be careful not to ignore the work done before you got there….as you seem very key on emphasizing how you are turning a program around. Don’t fool yourself to think this season hasn’t been in the works for several years. Add your touch…make things better. That is your job you know. And one last time….just go and coach.

  34. So Coach Res….. Are you saying that HPC’s offense was stagnant before you took over? Are you saying that your play calling wouldve made a difference against East Forsyth? Ok ok ok. So let’s just say you took over playcalling after the EF game. So that means your playing calling only led to 12 pts against Mt. Tabor when you had talent on offense. So you are the guy who called 40 straight passing plays when the run was working against Tabor.So will you take credit for an inconsistent offense that had great talent? Smh. Now you are bragging after one game against a rebuilding Ragsdale team. Man just coach the game.

  35. Not much talk about NWG and Western this week…I remember when this was one of the biggest rivalries in the entire Piedmont area! Lots of great memories of these two teams going at it back in the 80’s and 90’s.

  36. Guys it is about time to chill out on this and start getting ready for game time….Let’s work on our game preparation and get ready for Friday night….

  37. I like coach Res moxy and care for the kids and his believing they can win. He has every right to be on here versus many coaches hiding and trying to say political correct things. Yes, Grimsley has been down and they just whooped Ragsdale tail and many do not like it. Its time to light some fire under some teams and the folks whom try to make like they want all the teams to do well. Biggest lie going!

  38. Lets not forget what happend a few years back with the forfeit of the season a lot of dirt going on out there who gonna call them on that?? But hey great football team they put together year to year out there at northern I been around football in North Carolina for a while 3 in a row hard to do if not impossible wit out recruiting kids from out of district an letting these kids parents rent property in district that coach has ties to

  39. Coach T, where did all of that pent up frustration come from, sounds like some serious bitterness from somewhere. From your accusations it sounds like Northern may have overpaid coaches who are able to afford rental houses and recruit in their spare time, WOW

  40. .The County knows they just don’t want another crap storm like back in 09. Don’t worry its eventually going to bite the few who keep getting these players right in the butt.

  41. Some ignorant things being posted. Do any of y’all actually know what you’re talking about or are all these posts all based on rumors? Cam has gone to northern since the 6th grade, what’d they do recruit him out of elementary school?

  42. Time to leave the kids’ names off of here unless you have somethkng positive to say….Go see their parents if you have a problem….You don’t want anyone talking junk about your kids so don’t go talking junk about others….

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