Saturday Morning Rewind/Saturday Evening Post:What’s up with N&R names?(Doe, Blow, Black, Public and Spratt)

John Doe…Joe Blow…Jack Black…John Public…Jack Spratt…

What is up with the News and Record names in the box score for the Southeast Guilford Falcons’ 22-13 win over the Northeast Guilford Rams……I have no idea how this list of names in the box score came about, but it does not look good at all…Kind of looks way out of line and not responsible reporting when you have the names of what we think are the correct players scoring in the game story by Keith Tolbert, who by all accounts from his many years of reporting for the N&R is a very responsible reporter, and this is what the News and Record reported in the box score for the SEG-NEG game….


SE- John Doe 5 pass from Joe Blow(Jack Black kick)
SE- Doe 33 run (Black kick)
NE- John Public 25 interception return (Jack Spratt run)
NE- Spratt 35 run (James Smith kick)

Maybe I am the dumb one here, and I have been guilty of that before so not a bad time to cover my tracks here, but something looks real STUPID with this and again, it may be me in my overall evaluation, but in real time, I think somebody was way off base and way out of line when they printed this and they owe someone an apology…..If nothing else, breakdown this for us and explain this one…For sure, it does not make any sense to me….Please somebody tell us what is going on here….

John Doe…Joe Blow…Jack Black…John Public…Jack Spratt…

How do you come up with those names in the box score, but yet the correct names in the article/post….Appears that Keith Tolbert had his info/names on the money, and then somebody else dropped the football, with the box score…..Hopefully somebody other than me noticed this…If not we are all sleeping late on this Saturday….If I were a fan of the SEG Falcons or the NEG Rams, I would be boiling mad and if that were my kid’s name being posted like that, well something is WAY WRONG with this……

John Doe…Joe Blow…Jack Black…John Public…Jack Spratt…

Anybody else on this one or is it ‘Gone with the Wind’???


  1. I guess if SE were Page, Grimsley or Northern it would be correct. We take these things in stride just like my friends at Dudley.

  2. Good eye. I didn’t notice it but I looked again and it’s there. If it’s not malicious, maybe the coach trying to make a point that it’s a team effort?

    N&R writers always been arrogant toward the general public (their customers) and try to influence people’s opinions rather than just be objective journalists. They don’t like to admit any mistakes. I doubt you’ll get any satisfaction besides maybe a correction buried somewhere in the back pages.

  3. N&R,
    You guys are a bunch of amateurs! If you saw thats what someone turned into you why the heck would you print it? Makes you look like an idiot!

  4. If the News-Record wants a real HS Football reporter why not pay Andy to do it? At least he does a little thing called research on the teams and coaches. I could not tell you how many times I’ve seen him at practices wanting to talk to a coach just to write a paragraph on a team!

  5. In a case like this why not just print Not Available….I have seen the N&R do that on a number of occasions and that seems to look and work a lot better because it tells the true story….

    I don’t think the coach gave the names we saw in this box score….Somebody having some fun and they went overboard…They made a statement and it was not a good one…This looks like something a weekend intern would do and it is a bad reflection on the News and Record….

    I’m sure we will all get over it in about 24 hours, but for now this is on the table and who knows, maybe somebody will end up on the carpet for it and then again maybe not, but in the future why not just take the names from the article, ’cause the kids that scored were in the article….And for the names that were not available, why not put not available? Somebody trying to send a message to the coach and probably not the right way to do it….

    Not that big a deal to some, but to it does mean correct reflection for all parties involved….

  6. No heads will roll because there are no heads to roll. Paper not doing well so be glad there is something to read.

  7. Hey maybe it wasn’t the reporter, but maybe he was getting bad info from the home coach.

  8. And that we are….Glad there is still something out there and the young man David Reynolds is doing a good job for you guys and a thumbs up to David and I hope you can keep him…

    Not an easy time, you are right about that….

    Opinions here are those of our readers and Andy Durham and not necessary everyone associated with…..

    *****And let’s make sure that we don’t go overboard with our comments on our coaches…Their job is tough enough without digging any deeper holes for them…*****

  9. It’s on the back of the sports page today. So they did make it right.

    But for some reason, they act like jerks and that the readers are beneath them. Readers are the most important customers, not the advertisers.

  10. You have to stay in touch with your people, like MIM was saying above….

    You just can’t lose touch with readers/people, they are the life-line of what you are tying to accomplish….

    *****And my new book will on sale at the front gate this Friday, but I think you know what we are trying to say…You have to get out there with your people and let them know where you are comnig from and that you are human and you do make mistakes and the public(Joe included) is entitled to know what went wrong, when it does go wrong/haywire….

    With the exception of what the public gets on-line at no charge, they are paying either on a daily basis, or as subscribers when they receive the newspaper…..

    As you can tell this a deep subject and one that is very near and dear to many of our readers….*****

    +++++Again, we wonder if there was any sort of retraction/apology or reasoning given for what went down on Saturday….I don’t read the paper all that often, but do read several times a day what they have available for us on-line….Do get/make time for the Satruday hard copy read, coming out of the Friday night games….

    Long comment, but I really do believe that in this day and time, you need to do your best to make clear what you are trying to relate….Public relations means a lot and with this being a holiday weekend, this topic may go quietly into the night, but then again, maybe not….This seems to be our top topic from the past couple of days…..Several hundred people read it yesterday and I guess that is good…+++++

  11. I know what you mean. Saw that happen with a number of papers going under in recent years. Rhino, ESP, Greensboro Observer, Omega for instance.

  12. Newspapers have always made mistakes..nothing new. People dont like newspapers because we are getting so far away from real truth, and leaning towards perspective. I think people dont like the N&R because it does not say the things that certain people want to hear. We are becoming a nation that seeks “it’s truth” from the web. We dan search for whatever we want and get he reponse or perspective that we want. This website is a great example: it caters to only about 3 schools, NW, Northern, and Page. Northern gets alot of publicity. All you have to do is refer back to the entry concerning a player in Wilmington who listens to Northern games on the radio. WHO CARES. Why would Andy print that? He favors Northern. That is okay. FOX caters to conservatives, and MSNBC catrers to the liberals. CNN….WTF who knows ??/

  13. Sounds like you think you know everything and you must have thought you had some insight, but you don’t really have much of that either..

    First game of the season for HS football we were at Eastern Guilford-Southern Guilford…The next night we were at Grimsley-Ragsdale and this past Friday we were at Page-Northern since that was the biggest game in the area…

    We had over 8,000 hits come through here last Friday with a heavy concentration on Friday night for the football games and scores…And you said, “Who Cares”???

    Makes me think that some people do and if you don’t, that’s your business and you can take it elsewhere if you so desire….

    We remember and mention our loyal readers and listners no matter where they are coming in from….

    Time to leave this where it is for now, but the whole concept of what we have been discussing has about the local newspaper and what showed up on Saturday morning and I think the truth was they could have got it right the first time, or just put as we had suggested earlier, Not Available, as we eentioned more than one time already….The way they oovered the names in the SEG-NEG box could have been handled in better way…

    And I almost forgot, we talked to every coach in Guilford County in preseason high school football interviews and we did not limit any school in our previews….

  14. Strike a nerve? Come on Andy..take a little criticism. You are part of the Media. MY point abotu who cares came from the kid from Wilmington. I never said that no one cares abotu this iste. I just thought the story about the young man listening from Wilmington was a non issue.

    Come on Andy. Dont be sensitive.

  15. Strike a nerve? Come on Andy..take a little criticism. You are part of the Media. My point about who cares came from the kid from Wilmington. I never said that no one cares abotu this site. I just thought the story about the young man listening from Wilmington was a non issue.

    Come on Andy. Dont be sensitive.

  16. I feel this is much like a courtroom or a playing field…If you feel you are right, you must defend your case….I will not be on the stand for myself alone, but for the people that follow us as well…

    Must stand up for the people and try and represent what is right and we are doing that….

    It is obvious that I made you aware of things that you were not aware of today and that is good thing, since you got a free education and I got to offer UP my points on a holiday/Labor Day…..

    Probably time to bury this comment and move on, I still feel at the start we were standing up for those that were wronged in the News and Record box score…We have been arguing the case for the ones that got their names left out….

    And some might still say, “Who Cares”? Well I thought maybe some folks did, but maybe I was wrong, but that still does not make it right….

    Just a small site with some big ideas on a Big Labor Day Monday….

    And I can here the majority of you now, and you are saying, “If you say so”…..And you are ready to move on and if that is the case, they I will move on outside….

  17. What Oppenheimerfund?

    If my memory serves me correct there sir…..I have seen several threads on Grimsley (Coach leaving, new coach and who could forget the lovable Res), Dudley (and the doomsday defense led by the register kid), Ragsdale (their struggles this year), Southern and the best RB the county has ever seen! Eastern letting up 5000 yds rushing and still getting the win over southern! Northern (Likely so…they won 3 in a row), NW (Largest school in the county lots of readers in that area plus they’re pretty good man), Page(one of the best year in and year out)…BTW its week 3! Still lots of time for other teams to get some love!

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