Basketball Q&A Session from the top of the Kea:Paris Kea current Page Pirate/future Vanderbilt Commodore

Able to catch up Paris Kea(Page High School) on this Labor Day Weekend and got her involved in the GreensboroSports.Com question and answer session….Got a Top Ten from Paris and she is busy, so lucky to catch her and the first time I saw this kid was on a Sunday afternoon at Lewis Recreation Center and there was no way I could catch her then….Rainy Sunday afternoon, so I stopped in at Lewis to take a few shots and she and her little brother were flying around that place in a hurry and in watching her shoot some baskets, I was almost stunned by what I was seeing…This kid, maybe 8 years old at the time, could really shoot and then I was saw her at Page, just after Mendenhall, and this kid was a real player……And now she is headed off to Vanderbilt, in Nashville, Tennessee and she will look to get her degree and improve her hoops pedigree for the Commodores….Here is that Q&A session with Paris, from earlier today…..

Andy Durham:1)How good does it feel to get that college decision behind you?
Paris Kea:It’s a great feeling. Schools recruit pretty hard and with the new changes by NCAA allowing unlimited emailing, texting, calling I was forever trying to find some quality time for family and friends. I’m soooo glad to have the decision behind me so I can concentrate on enjoying my senior year.

AD:2)Why Vanderbilt and what other schools did you consider?
PK: I started the summer with 10 schools in mind. I quickly started to narrow them down once I seriously put more thought into the things I wanted most from my college experience. Those four years will determine the next forty. By mid-summer I had narrowed my schools to five which included Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, NC State, Louisville, and South Carolina.

AD:3)What factored into you selecting the Commodores?
PK:Good question. Their academics got my attention from the start. They have excellent academic programs and they offer fields of study that interest me. I loved the campus – simply beautiful. The school has a big time feel with a private school appeal. From the moment I stepped on campus during my official visit it has felt like home. Coach Balcomb, her staff, and the team did an excellent job answering questions that my parents and I had. Plus my little brother approved and that meant a lot to me. Vanderbilt has a great women’s basketball program also. The combined academic and basketball challenges appealed to me. Out of all the schools that we visited and talked to, Vandy was the only school that my family was in complete agreement with. Our faith and belief in God led us all the way.

AD:4)What are you doing now as far as workouts go, during the off-season?
We had a whirl wind AAU season traveling from Florida to Raleigh to Atlanta to Greensboro and back to Atlanta. Some tournaments were back- to- back with little, to no rest in between. To me there is no off-season. I’m always working to improve some part of my game. I’m currently lifting weights to increase my strength. I’m also working on my three point shot to become more consistent with it.

AD:5)Things you wnat to accomplish at Page during your senior year?
We fell one goal short last year. We wanted to win the TIMCO Invitational. We wanted to win the Metro Conference. We wanted that State Title. This year the goals haven’t changed. We are going to work hard, put in some work, and bring it home this year.

AD:6)What do you think has prepared you for all of this? Has it been the training, your coaches, your parents?
My parents!! My family has a special bond. Mom and dad have always encouraged me (us) to pray, work hard, and have fun. My parents have taught me that life is not all about basketball and to always try to keep my life balanced. My coaches (AAU- Eddie Odom & Delaney Rudd with Lady Phoenix and Bethany Jennings with Gaters) (Debbie Jones -Page) (Mike Rogers – Mendenhall) have taught me a lot about the game of basketball. So it’s been a combination of loving parents, coaches, and God that has prepared me. My 7th Grade Teacher Tiana Pitts, my Auntie India Crowell and my cousin Australia taught me a lot of mental toughness and the importance of remaining humble.

AD:7)What parts of your game do you need to imporve upon as you prepare for college?
I need to get stronger physically and continue to improve my three point shot. College players are much bigger and stronger. I will also have to work on controlling game tempo. Playing 20 min halves is very different from playing 4 eight min quarters.

AD:8)Vanderbilt is pretty far from your home here in Greensboro, is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Good and bad. I didn’t want to be too close so I can learn and grow on my own away from my parents. At the same time it is awesome having family and friends court side at every game.

AD:9)Who has been the biggest influence on your basketball career?
That’s a tough question. Both my parents played high school ball and have worked with me on various aspects of my game. I get my quickness and toughness from my mom. She has always told me to be sure I keep the game fun , win or loose. My dad has taught me how to play smart and let the game come to me. My coaches have built upon those aspects of my game and helped me to elevate to the level of player I am today.

AD:10)The first basket you ever scored, who were you playing for then, plus where and when did it occur???
The first basket I remember scoring was with the WNBA Jr Event at Braswell Recreation Center in Tarboro NC. I stole the ball and drove in for a layup. We lost the game but that basket made me think I had won the WNBA Finals.

AD:Good luck to you and thanks for answering all of the questions…..
PK:I want to thank for all the support.