Guilford County High School Football for this week

We are in the process of building this schedule this morning and should have it compplete in a few minutes….Should be complete as of 11:47am Monday morning….

Northwest Guilford(2-0) at Northern Guilford(1-0)
High Point Andrews(1-1) at Grimsley(2-0)
Page(1-1) vs. Matthews Butler(1-1) at Charlotte Memorial Stadium, or at least I think it is…..Butler lost to Mallard Creek this past Friday night….
Ragsdale(0-2) at Northeast Guilford(0-1)
Southeast Guilford(2-0) at Southern Guilford(0-2)
Person County(0-2) at Dudley(2-0)
Smith(0-2) at Western Guilford (0-2)
Thomasville(1-1) at High Point Central(2-0)
Ledford(1-1) at Southwest Guilford(1-1)
Eastern Guilford(2-0) at Eastern Randolph(1-1)


  1. I keep hearing Northern players and fans say Nighthawk Nation. Don’t they mean Nighthawk Neighborhood? They have only had 4 graduating classes how many of them could there be? If its a Nation its the smallest nation on planet earth!

  2. I thought Grimsley had a Bye week this week. However, if the Whirlies do play Andrews, by far this will be their hardest test besides HPC next week. Thus, Grimsley will be expose for how good the team really is. Definitely going to be a great measuring stick for a team that appears to be turning the table with a 2-0 record thus far.

  3. Props to Juss Sayin! for finding a unique way to diss northern guilford, I was getting tierd of hearing the same old recruiting allegations.

  4. Noticed that Northern was missing a player Friday #2. Heard he was declared ineligible by the county. Better late than never huh?

  5. betterlatethannever, time to worry about something else, he is eligible now, see what else you can try and stir up

  6. Battle of the North goes to NW. The Vikings pillage.
    Red Raiders swarm Grimsley.
    Page continues downward spiral.
    NE out athletes Ragsdale. Sorry coach Norwood. (played for him)
    SE rolls big in Sumner.
    Friends at Dudley rule.
    Smith gets on track, with lots of athletes.
    HPC shows Thomasville a real 4A school.
    Ledford vs SW ? Thw winner turns the ball over the least.
    Days of Riddle and Lassiter return with ER on top.

  7. Thank God the wonderful High School “experts” on this fantastic website have picked the Whirlies to lose for the 3rd straight week. Listlow it will be their biggest test so far but the biggest test will be whether or not 1985 will show up and want their warm up music back 🙂 Everybody go see a game!

  8. Grimsley is our new school so we’ll be out there to cheer them on and see if they are legit. Weather is supposed to be cooling off.

    Go Whirlies!!

  9. SE Parent,

    You are obviously limited in the amount of film you have access to. I don’t think the red raiders will swarm as you suppose. It will be a good game true enough but I doubt we are talking a swarming.
    PS: are you the kind of guy who is proud when you speak you wisdom in rhyme and riddle or are you just playing a fiddle?

  10. Now you have me wondering how a player is in ineligible week one but becomes eligible week two. You would be ineligible if you didn’t pass enough classes last semester (can’t fix that in a week), if you didn’t go to class enough last semester (can’t fix that in a week), or if you live out of district hmmmm (I guess you could fix that if he declared himself homeless or found a house to live in) but that has to be a true change of address. Wonder if someone found him a house/address? Just wondering.

  11. thank god,
    Is it true that Grimsley plays the Freedom Rock album from late night TV for their warm up music?

  12. Why is Northern always in the news for some BS! With all this smoke there has got to be some fire somewhere! GCS grow a spine

  13. Guys, give it up. Northern probably has guys in their district now. The issue is not with Northern anymore. I am willing to say they are compliant with everything. You should blame the parents…leave the school out of it.

    What do you think Andy ?

  14. I think the mapleleaf is 100% correct….Find your school and stay with it and don’t move around…More to be learned by being in a program in the beginning and sticking with it instead of moving around and changing…

    Don’t see how moving around is going to make you a better ball player….The only moving around you need to be doing is on the field….

    Get with a school, stick with it and stick with and support your coach….Parents need to stay home and keep their noses out of the program, with the exception of Friday nights when they attend the games…

    Coaches and players need time to focus and to take care of the football business at hand and they don’t need to be dealing with issues from the outside…Keep it in the camp and let the coaches do their work…

    We would be a lot better off of the parents stayed off of the field, unless they have been hired to be a coach and if the parents stayed at home and just showed up on Friday nights for the games and they really shouldn’t be talking to the coaches at all during the week or on Friday nights….You have given the kids over to the coaches to let them coach and in many ways raise your children from 4-7 or 8pm in the evening or afternoon, let the coaches do their job and just be the spectators that you are supposed to be….

    Just my two cents worth…..

  15. mapleleaf,
    I agree!! Just because the school has 2 to 3 checks and balances as to proof of residency is no reason to hold them accountable. I am actually just tired of hearing Northern lovers and Northern haters fight all of the time when there are so many other things going on in Guilford County.

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