High School Football picks from last week

New picks from Brian Simmons should be ready tomorrow and we will work to get those up here for you….Here is what we had last week and Brian had for Brian, we posted the listing that was sent our way by our Brian Simmons tracker…..Did anyone top the (8-1) from last week??? Just curious…..

Our Picks:(8-1)
Northwest Guilford(W)
Southeast Guilford(W)
High Point Andrews(W)
Lee County(W)
High Point Central(W)
Eastern Guilford(W)

Brian Simmons Picks:(6-2)
Dudley @ Ragsdale – Dudley by 8
Northern Guilford @ Page – Northern by 11
SE Guilford @ NE Guilford – SE by 13
HPC @ Ashboro – HPC by 15
Western Guilford @ NW Guilford – NW by 24
So Gilford @ Grimsley vs – So by 10
West Montgomery @ Eastern Guilford vs – WM by 19
SW Guilford @ HPA vs #10 – HPA by 15

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  1. Nope you win.
    Didn’t think SW would win but didn’t see them getting drug by 63.
    Thought Southern was better than that. Grimsley is good, good QB, #6 (Mr. Everything) and the big TE (a load when he gets the ball). I heard the QB (Stoner)for SG got is shoulder hurt in week 1 and Southern had issues at QB.
    SE my team won ugly with 0-3 in TO departmnet. All 3 TO’s were in the red zone.
    Looks like the best teams are East For., East Ala., and Dudley.
    Page friend said both Page and NG looked down from past years. May be Grimsley year in Jamison.

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