Any news on Ragsdale-NEG, WG-Smith, SWG-Ledford? Just picked them up from Don Moore, but nobody talking about these teams!

Nobody was really talking about the scores, but Don had them and good job to him on that…..Nobody talking about these teams though and this was the first win for new Smith coach Kirkpatrick….SWG goes OT and Ragsdale gest their first win of the year……Some more wild ones tonight….
Ragsdale 26,NEG 7…Smith 27, WG 13…Ledford 41, SWG 35

Surprise team of the year now Eastern Guilford?

Just curious did Grimsley ever have a chance at all tonight with HP Andrews? Which teams have the best chance to go deep in the playoffs? Will it just be Northern and Dudley, or can we look for Eastern Guilford and possibly Southeast Guilford and High Point Central making a run and is High Point Andrews ready/poised to make a statement on the 2-AA level?


  1. Did you know that the New northeast coach didn’t want 2 of the coaches from last year, and now they are at eastern….who won that?

  2. Just goes to show you you just can’t walk into a successful program and be succesful. Tommy pursley must be sick about his old team. Not much good happening over there.

  3. didyouknow, whoever gave you this information is wrong. Coach Robertson interviewed all the interested assistant coaches on last years staff and decided to keep three. Those three wee Coach Tinsley, Coach Jones, and Coach Stanley. These guys are excellent coaches and are doing an excellent job this year. I know this because I coach inside linebackers at EG. There are five of us new guys. These three welcomed us five with open arms and we all have become a very close knit group. Most fans want a good football team. We want to build a football program. One that wins every year. There is a difference. We have an excellent group of young men playing for us this year. They are a close knit group as well and are very eager to learn and are very coachable. Our big problem is that we lack numbers which creates backup problems. This lack of numbers was created when several of our players from last year did not do what they needed to do in the classroom and did are not academically elgible. We will work hard to get them elgible for next year. Three players decided to concentrate on wrestling and baseball so they are not with us this year. Two are seniors. Why someone would do this his senior is beyond my realm of understanding. The other is a junior and hopefully he will play next year. I normally do not post on blogs but simply wanted to set the record straight. I apologize for getting on my soap box and writing a column instead of a sentence. Please come out to see our kids play whenever you can. We will all appreciate it.

  4. didyouknow, after being chastized by one of my fellow former NE coaches who I now work with at EG who told me that I needed to go back and slowly re-read what you said so I went back and reread your comment. Like Coach Mardis said I read your post too fast and misinterpreted what you said. To set things straight I agree with what you said. My problem is that I read too fast and need to slow down. My appologies for that. But, in my answer you did learn a lot about our program.

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