Guilford County School Board says no on naming request for Western Guilford Baseball Field

The Guilford County School board said no to a request to have the Western Guilford baseball field/stadium named after Jaiden Britt, the son of former Western student and basketball player Clay Britt…Jaiden Britt was killed in a boating accident on High Rock Lake earlier this Summer….News and Record link on this posting….

The School Board has approved naming the Northwest Guilford soccer field, The Bob Yow Soccer Stadium/Field, in honor of Bob Yow a long-time NWG teacher and coach who died last year….

One has to think that the Western Guilford baseball field/stadium will be eventually be named for Brett Stell, who coached the WG Hornets to back-to-back NCHSAA Baseball Titles, in the 1980’s….

There has been a movement to name the Western Guilford Football Stadium, the ‘Joe Robinson Stadium’, but the WG Football Stadium will eventually be named the ‘Doug Henderson Football Stadium’….Or at least that is what one has to be thinking….Henderson coached the WG Hornets to the NCHSAA 3-A Football Title back in 1977….

On a side bar, I was talking to a friend of mine a couple of Saturdays back and I mentioned to him that I remembered him speaking about going down to High Rock Lake a few Saturdays back and I thought that was the same day that Jaiden Britt and his mom were killed in that boating accident….

The man I was speaking to said, “yes I went there that Saturday, and my brother was driving the boat that killed the young child and his mom”….Just out of the blue, I had asked that question and brought up the High Rock Lake boating accident and I could not believe the response that I was hearing…..

Sometimes you never know how close to home, something like this might hit…..

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  1. OK Guilford County, you will name a Football Stadium after Johnny Roscoe. A coach that was at the center of multiple recruiting violations and allegations. Northern is still on state probation from is actions and inactions. him and his people openly recruited our players (including a QB that enrolled at Northern to take dance). This coach caused a huge black eye to Guilford county and high school sports in general with his actions in the state championship game last year. All this and the county can celebrate him but reject us? Guilford county you really are a joke, you can’t see the long term results of your actions, never have and never will.

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