Congratulations Coach Kevin Gillespie(Page HS) on win #100

Courtesy of Rusty Lee, Page High School Director of Athletics….

Congratulations to Page Football Head Coach Kevin Gillespie on his 100th career win, as Page defeated Ragsdale 21 to 10 on Friday.

Kudos to Coach Gillespie and ditto on the positive comments from Page AD Rusty Lee…..


  1. i guess your son is not playing so its the coach fault he is not good enough to start or even you parents annoy the kids that are not afraid to play. really, friday nights lights aint about who is not afraid to play its about can play and make an impact on the game . dont put some one out there that might get hurt or cant defend themselves because you feel they aint afraid. thats a bunch of crap.get off the coach stuff get over it . if your son is not playing because he is not good enough or you think he is good enough in your mind take him to northern they would love to have him. then you can go with him.

  2. Kind of similar to the above comment….

    I think we have hit a bad/sad phase or stage when the parents think that they know more than the coaches do…

    Congratutlations to Coach Gillespie on win #100….

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