Are the Carolina Panthers doomed to have another LOSING season?

Is this team doomed?

Are the Carolina Panthers finished??

Would you say the season is already over for coach Ron Rivera and his Carolina team???

The Panthers are (0-2) to start the season and with the way they have lost the first two games, 24-23 to Buffalo and their 12-7 loss to Seattle, this is starting to look like a losing proposition….

Can the Carolina Panthers still have a winning season? The way this one has started out, it sure doesn’t look like it…

Will the Panthers make the playoffs?? Fat chance, the way have begun this year…..

Does Ron Rivera still have a job with the Carolina Panthers at the end of this season??? It is looking less and less likely that Coach Rivera will still be around with each passing week and as the week’s go by, the losses keep on mounting….

Things don’t look good in ‘Panther Country’ these days…..

Who knows, they might even give up on Cam Newton and decide to start all over again from scratch…..It wouldn’t be the first time that they have had to go back to the drawing board…..

And really, didn’t most of you think that the Panthers would have a good season, coming into 2013?

And now we are asking this question again, “Are the Carolina Panthers doomed to have another LOSING season?”……