How many games will it take for the Carolina Panthers to reach the ‘Win’ column this season?

They have begun the 2013 with a record of (0-2) and with that type of early-success, how many games will it take the Carolina Panthers to get their very FIRST win of the year??? We talking a win at home in Game Three this coming Sunday, or it will it be 4 games, 5 games, 6 games or 7 before the Panthers hit ‘Victory Lane’??? Are there any ‘Sure’ wins on this schedule, the way this team is playing? Giants, Cardinals, Vikings, Rams???? How long will this take in 2013? Three, four, more games than that???

See regular season schedule below and they are holding off on printing a playoff schedule/tickets for right now…..Want to go with the Cardinals in Game Four? Eli Manning is going to be out to prove a point this week…

1 Sep 8 LOSS Seahawks 12, Panthers 7
2 Sep 15 LOSS Bills 24, Panthers 23
3 Sep 22 1:00PMEDT ) NY Giants
5 Oct 6 4:05PMEDT ) AT Phoenix Cardinals
6 Oct 13 1:00PMEDT ) AT Minnesota Vikings
7 Oct 20 1:00PMEDT ) St. Louis Rams
8 Oct 24 8:25PMEDT , AT Tampa Bay Buccaneers
9 Nov 3 1:00PMEST ) Atlanta Falcons
10 Nov 10 4:05PMEST ) AT San Francisco 49ers
11 Nov 18 8:40PMEST + New England Patriots
12 Nov 24 1:00PMEST ) AT Miami Dolphins
13 Dec 1 1:00PMEST ) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
14 Dec 8 1:00PMEST ) AT New Orleans Saints
15 Dec 15 4:05PMEST * NY Jets
16 Dec 22 1:00PMEST ) New Orleans Saints
17 Dec 29 1:00PMEST ) AT Atlanta Falcons


  1. The Panthers will get their first win in their fourth game of the season.

    Week 5 and Game 4.

    No win this week. Going against my NY Giants and Eli will be ready to get win number one for the G-Men.

  2. The Giants will win on Sunday. The coach’s brother just died and all of those men on the Giants side will be playing for Coach Tom Coughlin on Sunday at Carolina.

    Win one comes at Phoenix.

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