Should the Western Guilford football stadium be known as the ‘Joe Robinson Stadium’ or the ‘Doug Henderson Stadium’??

Should the Western Guilford football stadium be known as the ‘Joe Robinson Stadium’ or the ‘Doug Henderson Stadium’??

Who should it be now??? ‘Doug Henderson Football Stadium’ or the ‘Joe Robinson Football Stadium’, at Western Guilford High School…..

Joe Robinson was a very good coach for the Western Guilford Hornets, along with being a super teacher and a strong influence on the Western Guilford student population…..But, and I mean you’ve got to take a longer look at this situation, nobody else has ever come close to winning a State Football Title and Doug Henderson did that and more, during his time as the WG Hornets’ leader/coach….The 1977 NCHSAA 3-A Title is the trump card…..Henderson finished with close to, or over 200 wins in his coaching career, which spanned over 30 years, between East Bladen High School and Western Guilford and he sent numbers of kids on to college, to play football at the next level…Don Tatum at Elon, Mark Guenther at Wake Forest, Linnett Price at Western Carolina, Glenn Morris at East Carolina, Aaron Stewart at Duke, Scott McCallister at North Carolina, Chris Causey at North Carolina and that’s just a few of the big names, at the big schools….Henderson put that Western Guilford program on the map and kept it there during his entire tenure, as the head coach of the Black Hornets, as they used to be known…..

No disrespect to Mr. Robinson, he was a fine person and left a large impression on the Guilford College high school community, but let’s hold off here for a while and give this some time, so the clearer heads can prevail….That Western Guilford Football Stadium needs to be named ‘Doug Henderson Stadium’ and you need to leave the mark, with the man that left his mark, true excellence personified by the State Football Title in 1977 and countless other days of hard work and effort, with his beige Volkswagon rolling into the back lot, out behind the Western Guilford cafeteria, at the start of the new day…..You’ve got to go with the man that won the high school equivalent to college football’s Heisman Trophy, Doug Henderson is your man for the stadium naming rights and that is proven and makes sense based on what I have told you here….

Take a survey from those that served under Henderson and they will tell you that they thought they were in the Army, but that type of training is a great thing in the end, because you are poised to handle all types of conditions at any time, during any situation ….Henderson had you ready and it is time to get ready and stand behind the man and have that Western Guilford Football Stadium named in his honor…..

‘Doug Henderson Football Stadium’
(Enough said, let the name and numbers stand for themself.)

FROM the Guilford County Schools:
The Guilford County School board has opted to seek public comment on the name Coach Joe Robinson Stadium for the football stadium at Western High. Robinson started his Western High career when the school opened in 1968. He taught civics, history and driver’s education and served as the head football coach. The board approved a public comment period of 14 days to allow for a decision on the name prior to a planned recognition for Robinson at the Oct. 4 football game. Comments will be accepted until Sept. 24 by emailing gcscomments@gcs

Well said from Bill Ahrens:Western Guilford Class of 1977:

As great a man and coach that Joe Robinson was, I don’t think the football stadium should be named after him. Coach Henderson won a multitude of conference titles and also won the 1977 State 3A Championship! I saw on the Guilford County School website that someone has turned in Joe Robinson’s name. Please click on the link below before 9/25 and
comment that Coach Henderson deserves this. I think naming it after Joe Robinson will hurt Coach Henderson very much.