Clemson at N.C. State in ACC Football Tonight

#3 Clemson Tigers at N.C. State tonight in Raleigh at Carter-Finley Stadium and the last time the Tigers(2-0) came to town(Raleigh), the Wolfpack(2-0) upset the heavily favored team out of South Carolina…..

What will happen when Dabo Swinney brings his ‘Cats to ‘Wolfpack Country’ this evening…..Tigers vs. Wolves and who has the advantage…..Read more on this one, when you CLICK HERE…..

2 thoughts on “Clemson at N.C. State in ACC Football Tonight

  1. I’m afraid this one will probably get ugly pretty early. NCSU scores a touchdown early then end up losing 51-7. Probably go to bed by halftime.

  2. Looky there…they scored almost exactly half the points I thought they would and we scored twice as many as I thought. Victory goes to the Wolfpack!!

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