Top 15 Elite Middle School Basketball Players

Courtesy of Coach Jerry Eaves, former men’s basketball coach at N.C. A&T State University……

With the exception of Will Dillard, who was at the camp but did not participate, I believe I had the top 15 Middle School players in the state of NC. All of them have a bright future and undoubtably will have the opportunity to play at a higher level.

I anticipate hosting the next Jerry Eaves Basketball Academy on Saturday, October 26, 2013. Look for more informtion to come!

8th Graders
Andy Pack:
Strong big body – super athletic ability, and a nice 15 foot jump shot. Super aggressive to the basket with that right hand; with the ability to shoot over people and can block shots.
Tre’ Turner:
Very smooth off the dribble with both right and left hand; really pushes the ball in transition and demonstrates great team play!!! Tre’ hit 3 – 3 pointers in a row off the dribble, and covered the most ground offensively and defensively. Tre’ is the brother of P. J. Hairston of UNC Chapel Hill.
Dwayne Crossen:
Big Body, tough defender and strong around the basket. He has a nice 15 foot shooting touch! I love to see Dwayne put the ball on the floor more.
Alex Michael:
Is a 6’2” 8th grader and if he continues to grow and work on his basketball skills, he can develop into a Division I player. Alex has very soft hands and a nice 15 foot jump shot to go along with the package.
Chloe Brewington:
Was the only female athlete at the camp, but she performed like a true champion!! Great defender of the ball, who demonstrated a beautiful shooting touch and also showed her ability to get to the rim with ease.
7th Graders
Kobe Langley:
Kobe is a shot maker and one of the best scorers around for his age. He is very athletic and uses it on the defensive end to create turnovers. Kobe shoots the ball well from the 3 point line and is very crafty with the ball. Kobe loves to perform in the big games.
Keyshaun Langley:
Keyshaun is a relentless defender and competitor. He handles the basketball well and makes great decisions. Simply put, he is a coach’s dream. Keyshaun keeps his composure and has excellent control. He pushes the ball in transition and finishes well. Keyshaun does so many things well…he is a winner.
Niccholas Evtimov:
Nicholas has tremendous size for his age, with long arms and big hands. This makes him a great low-post player! But Nicholas’ true strength is his quickness.
Tristan Perry:
Tristen was my surprise of the camp! Scored the ball with a high efficiency rate; very cleaver using his left hand getting to the basket and demonstrated a consistency 18 foot shot. Kudos to Mr. Sutton (Landon Sutton’s dad) for all the work he put in with Tristan and Landon before the camp. It really paid off for both!
Jeremiah Wilson:
Can’t wait to watch more of Jeremiah with his unique skills and his ability to control the game with his leadership skills. He could truly develop into a very good point guard in high school.
6th Graders
Jaden Springer:
Jaden plays the game as smooth as silk! He is a long athlete with cat like quickness. His left hand jumper is very consistent for a young player!!!! But his strength is his ability to finish in the paint in traffic. He has a great opportunity to grow; his dad is 6’8” with a solid build. This kid has an opportunity to be a high major player.
Trayden Williams:
Very competitive and explosive with great offensive skills; the best natural scorer in the camp! He has the ability to his 3 pointers, mid-range jump shots and lay-ups! Pound-for-pound he may have been the best player in the camp.
Brock Williams:
Brock has impeccable ball handling skills with an offensive arsenal that delighted the crowd! He is a little guy with a BIG heart and ability. Brock’s willingness to defend was a pleasant surprise!
Khalil Brantley:
Kahlil had the quickest hands in the camp; he was a 1 man press! Khalil stole the ball like taking candy from a baby. He also has a nice 18 foot jump shot. He was deceptively strong for his size.
Jermani Kea:
I love his heart and spirit for the game! He competes against larger players and never took a back seat. He has a beautiful jump shot with great range! I can’t wait to watch Jermani grow as a player and in stature.

Thanks to all the players who made this camp a hugh success, and look forward to the next BIG event!