Big soccer win for Greensboro Day School on Tuesday night halting Wesleyan’s 42-game winning streak

Greensboro Day School topped Wesleyan Christian Academy in men’s soccer on Tuesday evening at GDS, and with the 1-0 final in favor of the Bengals, they broke up the WES Trojans 42-game winning streak….

GDS Bengals with the 1-0 victory at home and with the win, the Bengals improve to (13-1) overall and they stand at (7-0) in the Piedmont Athletic Conference for Independent Schools….WES fall to (13-1) overall and the Trojans now sit at (4-1) in the PACIS….

Janse Schermerhorn got the lone goal and the game-winning goal for the Bengals and Nick Peterson was credited with the shutout in goal for GDS…..

In looking at the 42-game wining streak for Wesleyan and it now having come to and end, the last loss before Tuesday’s soccer game at GDS for WES, came on 0ctober 17, 2011…The winning streak lasted nearly two years and excellent soccer from both of these clubs/teams and as was mentioned in today’s N&R, you will probably see these two squads facing each other somewhere deep in the NCISAA playoffs at season’s end…..