Carter and the ‘Cats, you gotta like the stats

Very nice win and a well-played game by the Randolph College Wildcats, in their 4-0 shutout win, at Guilford College last night….

Carter Smith(Grimsley High School) got the win in goal for the ‘Cats and you had to like his stats….

First of all, he is the biggest soccer goalie that I ever remember seeing….Carter Smith stands at 6’4 and weighs 235 and that would be big enough to be the starting tight end or the defensive end on this year’s Grimsley football team….The kid is good sized and I do remember another real tall goalie from our county’s past and that was Mike Gailey’s brother and I think he came out of Ragsdale and later played college ball at N.C. State…Maybe Mark Gailey….Have to go back and look that one up….But 6’4/235 is plenty big and it helped lead to a big win for Randolph College over Guilford, on Wednesday night….

Here is note from some of the Randolph College faithful on this game:

The Wildcats came to town and took a 4-0 win over the Quakers….Carter Smith and his defense shut down the Guilford offense to earn their 4th shutout of the season…This puts the Randolph team at 6-0-1 and 1-0 in the ODAC. Great effort by the entire Randolph team.

In reality, the Guilford keeper didn’t have a chance….The shots on goal by Randolph were coming in rapid fire and it was like they were coming out of a cannon and the balls were taking direct hits on the Quakers’ net, almost like they were heading here from Appomattox, Virginia, not too far from Randolph’s home in Lynchburg, Virginia….

The Guilford College sports report said that the ‘Cats featured team speed and they really did and the ball stayed on the ‘Cats offensive end for the majority of the game….The ‘Cats had good team speed and they also showed excellent ‘team touches’….Solid footwork throughout by Randolph College and Guilford could just not hang with the ‘Cats and their skill level….The ‘Cats just a step quicker than Guilford all night long…

Carter Smith(Grimsley HS) really only had to make two saves, according to the Guilford stats report and Guilford did make a few runs, but the ‘Cats had built a brick wall at midfield and the ball was not coming near their 15-yard line, with the ball-control and defense that Randolph was employing….

The Guilford goal keeper, Michael MacVane might have felt like he was coming off the front line at Appomattox, with the barrage of shots that he was seeing last night from the Randoph attackers….Michael’s most constant call to his teammates last evening was, “Can I get some help back here”…..

Solid level of soccer and especially with the show we saw from the ‘Cats and with the light rain, that made its way on to the Guilford College campus, we had a true feel of Fall in the air last night…..

Keep an eye on Carter and those ‘Cats, from Randolph College, as they try and make it back to the NCAA DIII tourney again in 2013…They just hope to go deeper this year, than they did in 2012….Sweet 16 a year ago, and maybe 2013 will be the lucky year of the ‘Cats….

*****Remember Al Stewart used to sing about ‘The Year of the Cats’…..And if you run into an Englishman, he will tell you, you don’t want to end up ‘Unlucky’, with that 13 in the 2013, staring you in the face…..*****

+++++There you have it, your source on the ‘Soccer Scene’ for this Thursday and the Guilford College Quakers will be back in men’s soccer action at home this Saturday night at 7pm vs. Bridgewater….+++++