P.J. Hairston(Dudley HS) will be back at North Carolina Tar Heel practice, game situation still unclear

P. J. Hairston(Dudley HS) has issued an apology to his basketball team, coach and university and he will return to Tar Heel basketball practices, but it still isn’t clear when he will suit up for games again in 2013-2014…..

from this afternoon at www.wralsportsfan.com….

Chapel Hill, N.C. — “I will do whatever I can to regain your faith in me and make sure I represent the school and the Tar Heels with respect in the future,” University of North Carolina guard P.J. Hairston said in a statement released Thursday afternoon.

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  1. He needs to issue 3 apologies…or is it 4….maybe 5? I lost count amongst all of the legal paperwork.

  2. I need to make some Christmas money for a trip to the islands so does anyone want to bet me $50 that PJ will not make it to Decemeber without creating more headlines for more trouble that he will find himself in? If at least 10 of you will take the bet, my airfare will be covered and if 30 of you will take it, my entire family can go with me.

  3. We shall see how much he plays.
    The following variables are still in play:
    1)He does not mess up again in the next 2 months.
    2)The NCAA does not find that he received too much in extra benefits(Fats Thomas rentals which they ARE investigating).
    IF–HUGE IF–he survives both of these possiblities–IT WILL BE FUN TO SEE HIS RECEPTION AT CAMERON INDOOR, THE PNC and other ACC arenas.

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