New AP Poll says Northern Guilford, Dudley and High Point Andrews

THe new Associated Press high school football polls are available and we see Northern Guilford at #3, Dudley tied at #5 and the Red Raiders of High Point Andrews at #7 this week….Northern in the 3-A’s, Dudley the 4-A’s and High Point Andrews in the 2-A poll….

Here is the stack-up for the local/area teams:

#4 East Forsyth
Tied for 5th with Hough Dudley and Hough is some pretty tough stuff…(from Cornelius, down near Charlotte)
#7 Mount Tabor

#3 Northern Guilford

#4 Reidsville
#5 WS Carver
#7 High Point Andrews


  1. Andy, I respect the fact that you run this website but why do you cut off comments? NCPreps allows its contributors to talk , but you will not. WHY ?

  2. I had that post open for over 24 hours and I just don’t have the time to sit here and monitor that post all day long….We finished up with around 70 comments and would feel everyone had their shot for the most part….

    With a topic of that nature, it must be monitored at all times, or you might have a lawsuit on your hands…

    NCPreps is a good site, but you have the same people going back and forth all day long…..That can be good and bad…Can be entertaining for a while, then can get boring after a while too…

    I think all of this has to reach a conclusion at some point or we won’t get anything else done around here and we won’t have time to take up other topics….

    We give people a chance, but we have to be very careful with the heat we see coming in here…Sometimes we are still not careful enough and that is my fault and the same thing hit Northern with the JV players in the Varsity game…They were not careful enough…It is not always easy and even for them, they have more coaches than we do…..

    Got to get back to other topics….

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