SEG[Turner 5 TD’s] and EG go to (6-0), Gallaspy goes for 5 TD’s, Northern stops EA, Smith with a key win, NEG wins and Friday Football Fever link

High School Football Saturday Morning rewind:

Time to start that High School Football Saturday Morning rewind up on a Friday night….Here is the link to Friday Football Fever from WFMY NEWS 2 Sports and….CLICK HERE
We had two teams move to (6-0) tonight with Southeast all over Salisbury 44-0 and Eastern Guilford stopping Morehead….When was the last time either on of these two teams were (6-0) to start the season??????

Northern got back to the basics and they did a good job of it, with a home win over a tough Eastern Alamance bunch….

Heard Smith got the win over Southern Vance and the Golden Eagles are (3-3) for the year…..Got a good turn-around going for Coach Kirkpatrick and company and Ben L. Smith heads to Dudley next Friday night looking for a ‘W’…..

Heck of an effort tonight by Reggie Gallaspy(Southern Guilford) with 5 touchdowns at Western Guilford tonight….One of those Gallaspy TD’s came on a 71-yard punt return….He was on his game and he had some run support from Amon Harris, J’myiah Vincent and Byrce Lee….Southern could be back to certain degree/level, where they may ready to make hard run to the playoffs….I don’t see Western making the playoffs after what I saw tonight, but Western has some good young kids, they just have to get bigger and stronger….That Keenan Stevens is one whale of wideout target and Kevin Gehsmann is a playmaker and he can help you….Again WG has to get bigger and stronger and their arms have to get stronger…..Got to be able to get that ball up the field to Stevens and Gehsmann…Southern’s defense was mighty stiff tonight, but they were laying back in wait in the secondary with Hedrick, Jamal Williams and others standing back there and waiting for the ball to come down and to come to their hands…..Vragg, I beleive he was #50 for SG, he was active all night long….Southern should match up well with Central Davidson, Asheboro, Southwestern Randolph and Ledford the rest of the way….SG now at (3-4/1-1) for the season…..And they really could make a run behind Gallaspy and if he QB gets more passing opportunities….Mitchem could be the man down the stretch, but Gallaspy was ‘The Man’ tonight with those 5 TD’s….

Did Northeast Guilford win or lose???? I get a chance to answer my own question…..Northeast Guilford 26, Morehead 6…….


  1. Its just time for a coaching change at Western no matter how you look at it and yes the kids need to get stronger….

    Editor’s note….The kids are pretty young and they need at least another year to be there and Coach Causey has the attention of the kids that I have heard from……They will follow him and the others will too, they just need some positive reinforcement that can only come from winning….

    WG needs a Southwestern Randolph coming up soon…..WG blew out WS Reynolds and then they played better the next week vs. Ledford, cause they needed some confidence….Reynolds just rolled over WS Parkland tonight, so I wonder how Parkland feels at (0-7)…..

    The Stevens kid can go get it, he just needs QB’s with stronger arms that can get him the ball and they may not be around right now….The time can come if you hang in….WG has got to get to the point where they can compete with the teams that they have on their schedule….WG has to work on it and it probably won’t come this year, but they plenty of juniors on this team and those kids still have time to get bigger and stronger…..

    They are going to have to get bigger and stronger or they won’t be able to compete….

    Some of the plays they ran just could not be successful against Southern, cause SG was bigger and better than Western….

    It won’t be happening over night and the talent that they have there now, has get older and stronger, they just don’t have it right now….

    Good kids, but they are going to be able to beat older and stronger teams…..

    I read where Western lost right at 200-plus students to Grimsley and to the IB programs, maybe some of those kids should still be there at WG….

    Not sure, just grasping for answers right now and still believe that Coach Causey is the man to lead them……

  2. Rough night, but I still went (5-1) on my picks…


  3. SE Started 8-0 in 94′ Think they finished 11-2 on the year withe both loses to Burton Cates strong Eastern Randolph teams he had.

  4. We will see how good southeast is when they play Dudley and page. They haven’t played a team with a winning record yet.

  5. How ’bout those Nighthawks! New streak on paper, but 35 on the field and in our hearts! Great job uniting in the face of adversity!

  6. Rules are rules and must be obeyed in a civilized society or pay the penalty, which is a lesson to our youth. However………. The scoreboard IS the scoreboard which cannot be denied by beaurocrats or changed by dissenters of what is fair & just. On the field of dreams & hearts, 35 lives.

  7. Northern Dad get used to vacating wins. The house of cards you built is about to collapse.

  8. Northern paid their dues when they had to take that forfeit….

    Thanks for the info on Eastern Guilford and Southeast Guilford…Get to get that background and to be able to use it as we look at this year’s teams and we will get the chance to see if they can continue their current runs….

    Some very big games still coming up for both SEG and EG….

    SEG at Page this coming week and EG still has Northern, Western Alamance and Eastern Alamance on the slate….

    In the end fans still need to focus on their own teams and not be so pre-occupied with what the other guys are doing….

    In the end ‘your’ team carries you to the end/finish….

  9. Dr Doom said,

    Northern Dad get used to vacating wins. The house of cards you built is about to collapse.

    Dr Doom…curious who you pull for since all you do is hide behind your keyboard and trash NG. Please share this with everyone.

  10. For Gccoach, when EG started 7-0 in 2008 with believe that was Josh Morehead’s Junior year and oddly enough his younger brother Jarius Morehead is in his Junior year this year.

  11. You are right Andy your grasping for answers…

    Andy’s note…..

    Final answer is we will have to look at all of this at the end of the year/season….

    I am trying to look our for all of our coaches and at the end of the seasons they will go over and assess all of the teams….

    We can’t do it in detail here that will hinder what a team is still trying to do this season…..

  12. In 08, EG went 7-0 all the way to the power house Reidsville. Both teams 7-0, Reidsville won and EG could not put together another win the rest of they year. also that was the last year we (EG) beat NEGH…we won this year over northeast. the score in 08 was 14-7… this year was 20-12. won by 7 that year and 8 this year. Too many parallels between the two seasons…

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