Is Clowney clowning around or just getting ready to take the pro route real serious???

The South Carolina Gamecocks have a little problem with one of their BIG players….Defensive star Jadaveon Clowney doesn’t want to play on Saturdays unless he is 125% healthy and that is not always what is best for his college team, but it does appear that this is the most favorable route for Clowney to take, if he wants to protect his NFL contract and to ensure his way big signing bonus….

Clowney is set to sit all the games he wants and South Carolina just wants to know when he plans on playing again and they would like to know prior to the kickoff on Saturday afternoon…USC is getting tired of Clowney’s fooling around….

CLICK HERE for a very good read from Ron Morris with The State Newspaper out of Columbia, South Carolina….Very revealing read here…..Clowney has not become what the Gamecocks expected he would be this season, in fact, very far from it…..