East Carolina football coach Ruffin McNeill suspends two key Pirate receivers

Two East Carolina Pirate receivers have been suspended from the team indefinitely and one of them is junior Danny Webster and he has been a big part of Pirates’ receiving corps since his freshman year at ECU….This is a bold move by Coach McNeill and he has been making the right moves lately and we’ll see how this one bears out…CLICK HERE to read all on this one and Coach Ruff has been keeping a tough hand on his team this season and so far he has been a genius….

4 thoughts on “East Carolina football coach Ruffin McNeill suspends two key Pirate receivers

  1. How is this a bold move? Apparently they did something bad enough to warrant this. If you can’t follow the rules you have to suffer the consequences. No individual is bigger than the team. The integrity of the team comes before any individual player. They are adults and should have known better. I applaud him for enforcing the rules.

  2. Bold move cause it seems like Coach McNeill is one of the few that is following and enforcing the rules…

    Not the first time that he has done this sort of thing this season and it seems to be paying off for him and his program/team…

  3. Coach McNeill is serious about running his program by his rules. He tells each recruit up front what he expects and he holds everyone of them to it. Evidently some of the players think that they are above the team so good luck to them elsewhere.

    Perhaps some of the other college football and basketball programs in the state should be taking notes. Everyone plays by the same rules or they don’t play.

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