High School Football Tonight(10/11/13) for our Guilford County Schools

We will be at the Dudley-Smith game tonight with our GreensboroSports.com crew and this should be a very good test for both teams….Dudley to see how they stack up against their chief rival and for Smith to see where they stand as they face that ‘super tough’ Dudley defense…Get their early if you want a good parking spot and the seats might start to get a bit harder to find if you arrive after 7:30 and that is the kickoff time for this one…7:30pm kick and we will hit our pre-game here at GreensboroSports Radio LIVE at 6:45 and we will also be on 97.7FM inside Dudley’s Tarpley Staduim….Big game tonight and we have scores from all of the other game here at the site with Don Moore and the GSPN scoredesk/scoreboard….Lots of conference action tonight, in fact looking over the schedule, it looks/appears that all of the action is conference action tonight….Again scores here at the site, all through the night and it has been a real good week for scores so far with Middle School, JV and more coming in….Check in with us here tonight and we will have your score on the site…..

Games for this evening on Friday October 11:

Smith(3-3) at Dudley(5-0)
Southeast Guilford(6-0) at Page(3-3)
Burlington Williams(3-4) at Eastern Guilford(6-0)
East Forsyth(6-0) at High Point Central(4-2)
Northwest Guilford(5-1) at Ragsdale(2-4)
Central Davidson(3-3) at Southern Guilford(3-4)
Southern Alamance(5-1) at Grimsley(2-4)
Northern Guilford(5-1) at Rockingham County(2-5)
Morehead(3-4) at Northeast Guilford(2-4)
Southwest Guilford(2-4) at Glenn(2-4)
Western Guilford(1-6) at North Forsyth(2-4)
High Point Andrews(5-1) at Providence Grove(1-5)

Picks for tonight’s games:
Dudley…You have to give it up to the Dudley ‘D’…Smith much improved and their atttitude seems right….I like the level of confidence that Smith is carrying into this game, but that Dudley ‘D’ and Panther QB/DB Emmanuel Moseley can break your heart/confidence in a hurry….
Page…Jalen Gavin for Page is the ‘difference maker’ in this one and the tough regular season schedule should have Page prepared….If SEG can get control of the ball, they can take this game, but they must have ‘ball control’ and play ‘mistake free’ football in order to win…SEG could steal this one at Page, but Gavin may have something different to say about this one….Huge game for teams….
Eastern Guilford…EG must focus on the matter at hand(Burlington Williams) and not be looking ahead to next week’s game with Northern Guilford….You know the Wildcats are hearing that from their coaches….
High Point Central…Choose a limb, take your pick of any tree and stand out on a limb, but this could turn out to be the real ‘upset special’ here….Central can pull this off and if they do, I mean when they do, it will send a sonic boom around the county….
Northwest Guilford….This game used to be sight to behold, but NWG has increased their stock and Ragsdale has been experiencing an ‘off season’….QB’s and skill players like Parker and Quick could boost the Tigers and get them going, but NWG just has too many horses in the running back stable and they all can carry for at least 75 yards per game and and when 4 guys hit 75 each on the ground, you go to 300 yards and if my math is correct, that spells multiplicative problems…
Southern Guilford….Too much Reggie Gallaspy…
Southern Alamance…Too much Johnathan Lloyd and Matkins going in for the Patriots…
Northern Guilford…Too much Austin Coltrane, C.J. Freeman, T.J. Ruff, Mook Reynolds, Cam Harris and Chris Ripberger…
Northeast Guilford…The Rams have a very good running game and if they use it correctly, they will win…
Southwest Guilford…I still like that SWG offense with Mack, Hensley and Cunningham..Got to get some ‘D’ if they are going to win it…
North Forsyth….Back to math with the theory on this being a pure check your numbers session….North Forsyth defeated Southern Guilford 9-7 and Southern beat Western 42-7….Al Einstein says WSFCS(Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools here…
High Point Andrews…Way too much Lamar Raynard and Marquell Cartwright on the side of HPA and the real test is down the road, with Randleman coming up….

*****Lots of talk and info for you to work with today and ‘will you still love me tomorrow’?*****


  1. EG by 21 over the bulldogs to win homecomig. 7-0 going into the game against the little pidgeons up north in guilford county

  2. Andy,

    This is not the Page of old! SE is going to run the ball down their throats tonight! SEG by 14

  3. The QB’s from Ragsdale are good not great but the overall size of Ragsdale is small. That hurt them against us (SEG). #11 is skinny but the most mobile while #7 had the best arm but shorter and less mobile. Tommy will get the best out of what he has.

  4. Ragsdale QB’s:

    11 Alec Cobb (Jr) 6 games 41-82 475 yards and 5 TD’s

    7 Mike Hukill (Jr) 5 games 16-33 203 yards and 1 TD…

    678 total passing yards…

  5. To SE Parent:
    How do you know so much about Ragsdale players. #7 only threw 5 passes against SE and all three completions were dump off passes to running back. How can you know about each of the QB’s arm strength when neither QB completed any long passes. Just curious!!

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