HPU Men’s Basketball Volunteers For Habitat For Humanity

HIGH POINT, N.C. — The High Point University men’s basketball team volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, helping build a house and do landscaping in a neighborhood near the University on Wednesday. Several other HPU teams are also volunteering for the organization this fall.

“It’s so important to give back to our community whenever we can,” said HPU head coach Scott Cherry. “Our players have a great opportunity to play basketball at High Point University and one of the ways they can show appreciation is by giving back. It’s also great to take a day off of practice and have the team do something different together. Everybody has different skills and this is a great way for our guys to learn from each other and communicate. We really appreciate the opportunity to come out here and volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.”

The team was working at two sites across the street from each other about two blocks away from the HPU campus. At one site, the team was helping lay plywood flooring, moving building materials and helping build a shed. At the other site, members of the team were landscaping around a house that had recently been built as well as painting a shed.

“This is a great part of our team building,” said senior guard Derrell Edwards. “We learn a lot about each other and we have to work together out here, just like in basketball. Many of us haven’t done this type of work so we have to learn and take direction. It’s a new experience and we’re happy we can help out in the community.”

“We’re happy to give back to the community, especially because they’re the ones who come to our games and support us,” said senior guard Dejuan McGaughy.

The men’s basketball team is one of several HPU teams volunteering for Habitat for Humanity this fall. Around campus, members of High Point’s faculty are volunteering on Thursday. There’s a campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity and many fraternities, sororities and other organizations also volunteer.

“We have a lot of groups from High Point University, they’re good strong workers,” said Habitat for Humanity volunteer and outreach specialist Joyce Fish. “We have a wonderful group, many who are retirees, who we call our ‘Weekday Warriors’. They come out each week and lead the other volunteers. One of them had a great quote – he said ‘It’s the hardest work you’ll ever love.’ I thought that pretty well summed it up.”

Habitat for Humanity has built 16 houses in the same area since 2008 and the organization plans to continue building there for five more years, according to Fish.