Football in Focus Tonight at Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace

Offensive line night tonight, at the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace and we will get started with our Football in Focus Show at 6pm….Looking forward to the Page-Grimsley/Grimsley-Page game this week and tonight we will have the Whirlies’ O’Line in the house at Shane’s….We will bring on the Page Pirates in two weeks, when they face Dudley, at Dudley….

From the Whirlies football team, here are the linemen that we have lined up for tonight…..
Ben Weekly
Bryan Fuquay
Loren Bibler
Clark Yow
Austin Floyd
Grayson Jeffries
Jaycoa Silva
Jordan Garner

Dennis White and Don Moore also with us tonight and you can join us by tuning in LIVE here at the site tonight at 6pm-ish and then you can also listen back on the rewind here at GreensboroSports Radio….Show will be on replay up until the kickoff for the Page-Grimsley/Grimsley-Page game tomorrow night….

Football in Focus tonight from the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace, just up the street from Grimsley High School and we will get started with the broadcast, right around 6pm this evening…..

Great food at Shane’s with Ribs, Chicken, BBQ, Burgers, Chicken Tenders, Chicken Wings, Chicken Salad, ‘The Rib Sandwich’, ‘The Big Dad’ and more….Outstanding vegetables too at the Shane’s Rib Shack….Tea, soft drinks, desserts, and a whole lot more at SHane’s…..

We will see you there tonight, or we will see you there soon….