Photos From Page Versus Grimsley – Friday, October 18, 2013

Malek Willianms and L.A. Logan were on the field Friday Night and took these pictures at the Page versus Grimsley Game.

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  1. A little history on the Grimsley/Page game.
    The record unfortunately is 41-11-3 with Page being on top.
    ?Since 2006, both schools have benefited tremendously from the Great Golf Rivalry that occurs the morning of the game where both Grimsley and Page folks play golf to benefit the schools as a fundraiser. This golf tournament was started in 2006 by both schools and is now a major source of revenue for each school for big ticket items or big projects that the schools could not ordinarily afford. ? Since 2008, both schools have been involved with the Great American Rivalry series that promotes and awards scholarships to the schools as one of the top 50 high school rivalries in the nation and is published and streamed across the nation.
    ??In addition, Neese’s Sausage has generously provided scholarships to student athletes at both schools during halftime of the game. ?
    Below are some other interesting facts and figures:
    ?1st time played – 1960 – 2010 (50 years) 2011 will be the 51st year and 52nd game. ?2010 was the 51st time they played in regular season
    ?With two playoff games
    ?Total – 54 games
    ?2010 was 50 years and the 51st game.
    ?Or 1960 based on below with Page 41-11-3 record
    ?50 years then first game in 1960
    ?Grimsley has won 11 games as of 2011
    ?Page 41 with 3 ties
    ?Grimsley won in 60/61/62/64/66/71/87/99/04/05/06
    ?Tied in??????68 6-6/??77 24-24/??91 13-13
    ?They have met twice in the play-offs 1987 GHS 10/PHS 7 and ???? PHS 23/GHS 16
    ?Onepointgamesin??63 -PHS7/GHS6 ??65–PHS13/GHS12 ??88–PHS22/GHS21 ??04–GHS23/PHS22
    The game, regardless of the home team has been played at Jamieson yearly due to the number of spectators, security and parking.

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