The Miller Minutes:Brian Miller on the Southwest Guilford Cowboys, as Tigers Dominate Cowboys

Special to from Brian Miller, high school senior at Southwest Guilford and covering the SWG Cowboys’ football team during the 2013 season….

Tigers Dominate Cowboys

Not too much to talk about in this game, Southwest Guilford fumbled a punt on their own 7-yard line leading to the first Ragsdale touchdown.

The Cowboys blocked the extra point….

Early in the 2nd quarter Ragsdale struck again and scored on the 2-point conversion bringing the score to 14-0 Tigers.

The Cowboys anwered with a touchdown and gained some momentum and lost it all on the kickoff.

The Tigers returned the ensuing kickoff for a touchdown and the score would remain 21-7 until halftime…

The Cowboys had 2 turnovers on downs in the red zone in the 2nd half before Ragsdale struck again making it 28-7.

The game would finish 28-7 after a rough night for the Cowboys.

The Tigers Defense stepped up big when it counted on multiple occasions leasing to a Tigers victory.

Southwest will host East Forsyth at home next week. The Cowboys will be looking for their first conference win while the Eagles will be looking to stay in contention to win the conference.


  1. Maybe Mike Ellis could give us a better rundown of the game last night? Not the normal Saturday morning rewind from Brian Miller!

  2. My apologies for not being able to get ahold of stats. Those are at those coaches disclosure. I’m just working from what I was able to take note of.

  3. I will say that after seeing Rick Mack last night that he is arguably the best player in Guilford County.

  4. To Angry Bison: seen Germaine play 8 games over 3 years and he is awesome but if I was picking teams I would choose Mack

  5. Well you obviously haven’t seen him play this year… Forget Guilford County I’m honestly not sure if there is a better player in the state.

  6. Hey, Brian is doing a good job and we like the student perspective, as Brian sees the game from the Southwest Guilford side of the field when he is home at ‘The Ranch’…

    We’ve got a pretty tough crowd here and you have to give it to Brian for digging in and getting his Senior Project work turned in here each week…

    I think we need more and I would like to more Brian Millers stapping up and then we could hear more from our high school students and get a chance to check out their contributions….

    We will look for Mike Ellis in this week’s Jamestown News and look forward to Brian Miller’s report on next Friday night’s SWG-East Forsyth game….

  7. I agree that Pratt is one of if not the best player in the area. If not for him on special teams HPC might of been blown out by NW.

  8. Pratt is 6’3″ 190 pounds with his primary position being at safety. Mack is 5’8″ 160 pounds with his primary position basically being RB/WR. Hard to compare the two players. Both are great in their own aspects of the game. Have to give both kids credit for doing what they are at their respective positions.

  9. Mack plays cornerback as well. If you watch the game, passes are rarely thrown on his side of the field.

  10. Pratt doesn’t even come off the field, I think he played virtually every snap verses Northwest that’s defense, offense, special teams, and he dominates on all those units.

    This is the third game in a row starting with Page, East Forsyth, and Northwest where teams have been nonchalantly kicking the ball to Pratt and by the 3rd quarter the punters are trying to kick it into the second row of the bleachers to keep it away from him. He has tremendous speed and NFL size already, he could probably be a All-State player for multiple postions on the football field outside of safety. He reminds me of another multi-purpose athlete from this area that played the same position former Andrews player and NFL star Adrian Wilson.

  11. With Pratt’s size, no one is comparing the two players.
    Like you said Pratt’s size is unreal. We enjoy watching our guy.

  12. Whose comparing? I never mentioned Mack although I’m sure he is a great player for Southwest and has been putting up great numbers this season I’m sure it’s been a treat for Southwest fans watching him play..

    I was actually responding to the Jamestown guy who said he was the arguably the best player in Guilford County so I presented the arguement for Germaine Pratt. Anyways Pratt and his Bison teammates travel to Jamestown this Friday so they have the treat to see this hoopla up close and personal.

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