CiCi’s NFL Picks Week #7 Winner

This week it was looking rough as the worst teams in the NFL faced off Monday Night.

We had two players tied at 11 of 15 games who both picked the Vikings. But one game back, we had a player who believed the Giants could win.

The Giants did win, and we had a three way tie – 11 of 15 games.

Ross was our winner as it went to the Tie-Breaker, he had 39 points (the Panthers-Rams total points was 45).

We only have 13 games this week, so pick carefully and don’t forget to enter your Tie-Breaker Score (total points in the Panthers Buccaneers game Thursday Night!). The game is Thursday! That means we must have your Tie-Breaker before Thursday at 8:25 PM, you can make your remaining picks later.