The new News and Record Top Ten High School Football Poll

The news News and Record high school football poll is out/in and the word is the top four spots remain unchanged…..High Point Andrews is climbing and the Page Pirates have moved into the poll on the strength of their efforts vs. Northern Guilford and Southeast Guilford…Page lost both of those games, but the Pirates battled back in both after falling way behind early, down 21-0 to Northern and 21-7 to SEG, before falling to both the Nighthawks and the Falcons, 28-21…..Dudley is still hanging in there with the area’s best defense and the Northwest Guilford Vikings are now on everybody’s ‘watch list’ at (8-0)…..

Northern, Dudley, Southeast and Northwest all four hanging together and teams like High Point Andrews and Page coming on…..

Come on and give us the N&R Top Ten Poll you might be saying, well here it is when you CLICK HERE…..


  1. Just noticed: “Personal attacks on players, coaches, parents or school officials will not be tolerated.”

    Really? Are you ever actually going to enforce that? If so, you might want to start with all the shots at the Northeast coach and administration, as well as the less-than-subtle digs at Northern every Friday night. Smack talk among fans is one thing, but you continually let the same people take the same shots. If you’re not going to deal with the problem, take that line off your website because it’s a lie.

  2. We have a very large file of deleted comments and have edited a ton….Very time consuming so let’s hope the new rules can work…..If I went back and posted all of the comments that have been taken down it would take up a lot of space…

    Better said, we have been working to do our job, and now we have to do it better….

  3. cause there poll is all off how do you put page in cause they played two teams close? but not punish northern for the 2L an the close call to reidsville but dudley has been stout an is clearly the the best team in area if you seen them play.. you can’t base a poll off of last year teams northern is good but page not top ten an dudley is number 1 this year.. Andy you have to agree line them two teams up an tell me how will northern beat dudley this year? you know football

  4. Just for my part, I have had Dudley at #1 and Northern at #2 all season long…

    I think Dudley would beat Northern and Northern has a very good team….I was there and saw them beat Page and Northwest….I saw Dudley beat Hillside and Smith and I think Dudley has the best defense in the area and that is what makes them the best team…

    Again, I think Dudley would beat Northern based on the Dudley Panthers’ defense….I think it is the best around…

    Again, not to take anything away from Northern, they are a very good team, but that Dudley ‘D’…It tells the story and you have to base all of this off of this year…You can’t base any of this on what happened last year….

    Northern has a chance to go all the way and Dudley might slip up and have a bad night, but I will still base my case as it is now on the Dudley ‘D’…..

    I can tell you that Southeast Guilford and Northwest Guilford are two teams to watch out for…..Have seen them both and SEG is good, real good and they are real big….If a team like Southeast can get a lead on you, they can ‘lay’ on you and you will have trouble getting to the ball….SEG and Dudley ought to be real good, but Dudley will have to get ‘UP’ big for Page first, but that game is at home and that ought to help Dudley….

    The Dudley-SEG is at Southeast and that ought to help SEG….We will have to wait and see and we have two weeks until then…

    Would love to a see a game with Southeast and Northwest Guilford…That game could start at 7:30pm and be over by 7:15….Lookkng at the way those two teams run the ball…..As you know they both like to run it a lot…Two teams on the rise this year, SEG and NWG…I would also still like to see how SEG would fare with Northern….

    You take Coltrane out of, or away from the Northern lineup and they are in trouble…Same can be said for Dudley and their main-man Moseley….Not quite the same for NWG and SEG….They run the ball so much and their quarterbacks are not their main offensive weapons and they could still beat you…..

    NWG with Harding, Scott, Dix and Otero and SEG with Turner, Boswell, Moore and not sure what happened to McThay last week……

    The N&R has a good poll, I just don’t agree with it….I still have Dudley #1….

  5. JD, thought I was the only one who noticed it. Especially the one from this weekend where Andy actually said he understood the frustrations from some of the fans of Northeast . Definately need to be neutral and stay on top of what’s being said on this website if professionalism is the true objective. Also, you can’t selectively go to aid for certain people and let continued bashing go on with others.

  6. The problem with Football fans in general is they drink one flavor of Kool Aid and no other! Its almost like republicans and democrats! Their way is right and everyone else is a complete idiot! Just because your team is good doesn’t mean everyone else Sucks!

  7. On a couple of the earlier points that were made, sometimes you have to be here constantly to really understand what goes on here….

    Some of you get part of the story and not the entire story because you are not on here every day and I can see that…Unless you are on here all of the time you don’t have a real feel for what goes on here anyway…..

    It is a lot like politics at times and being the President, I have to work with everyone….Coaches, AD’s, players, parents and siblings…Most of can stop in and read a bit and then move on, but when you are here for the people, you have to stay here with the people through thick and thin and most of you couldn’t handle that on this level…

    But in the end that is OK…We chose to accept the challenge and we hope to keep it flowing…

    We are putting out the info and we still get comments and once and a while we get the good word from our followers….

    Right at 10,000 hits last Friday night and they weren’t all having fun, but some were….

    I have been doing this type of stuff for nearly 30 years with 15 years in sports talk radio, so you can put out it out there and I will be glad to take it, but I don’t take it without putting my word out there too….

    You got to remember, it is a two-way street and in the end, I think I can hang with anybody out there….

    I will sure be at longer than anyone else…..

    But I do love it and when I am on to something I will argue my cause to the very end….

    Many of you will be sleeping and resting, but I will still be going at it and that is why people keep coming back…..

    They know there is always more to be had and seen and they know it is usually pretty good stuff….

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