ADM’s not available yet, and they may be slow coming in/A look at how some of the 4-A and 3-A Seedings may look(Some good stuff to look at here!)

We are getting into a lot more of this lately, but as we do, many ard wondering when those Average Daily Membership(Daily Attendance Numbers) might be ready and the truth is, they are using a new system to get the numbers this year and hypothetially speaking, the numbers may be arriving late this year, as the NCHSAA waits on those crucial numbers so they can get ready to seed all the teams for the NCHSAA football playoffs….

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Those ADM numbers, which are released annually by the N.C. Department of Public Instruction, are not yet available. That’s not a problem, as the numbers normally aren’t released until the last two weeks of the regular season, but when the numbers will be available is up in the air.

North Carolina is using a new computer system called “PowerSchool” in schools across the state. There have been documented issues with the system, and it could tie up the process of releasing the ADM numbers.

According to Rick Strunk, associate commissioner of communication for the NCHSAA, the Association has been in contact with the Department of Public Instruction in recent days, which is routine for this time of the year.

“Those numbers are not available yet and they are not exactly sure when they will ready,” Strunk said in an e-mail to

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*****All hypothetical situations, but still just about time to start looking and talking about the upcomnig NCHSAA football playoffs…..*****
+++++Probalby now looking at Mallard Creek and West Forsyth projected at #1 or #2 4-AA West and Northwest Guilford now as at least a #3….+++++