Eric Ebron(Smith HS) vs. N.C. State on Saturday in Raleigh

*****Here is another quote/comment on/from Eric Ebron, now considered the ‘Great Wrestling Heel’…..CLICK HERE

Sounds like Eric Ebron(Ben L. Smith High School) may be ready to take on the N.C. State Wolfpack by himself, as North Carolina meets the Wolfpack this Saturday afternoon at 12:30pm….[In Raleigh]

Here is what Eric said by way of Twitter this past Saturday, right after the Tar Heels had just finished off Boston College in Chapel Hill and this one is showing up all over the state and was seen yesterday at News and among other sites….

Here is the Eric Ebron tweet and it makes it sound like he is ready to take on N.C. State all by himself….

“All Of These Wolfpack Fans Are In For RUDE AWAKENING Come Saturday! #BeatState #BADLY,”

*****A good thing to keep in mind, this game is being played in Raleigh, at Carter-Finley Stadium.*****


  1. N.C. State needs to find the heat and then bring the heat…..

    Wolfpack packing heat, as in Packing in a WIN at home.

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