Middle School Football Finals for today:Mendenhall tops Aycock 16-12/Kernodle, Kiser and SEG pick up wins

*****From what everyone was telling me earlier today, this was the last day/night of the season and it all came down the pike today….*****

Mendenhall 16
Aycock 12

More details to come on this one later on…Great game played by both teams, a real battle at Page this afternoon….

Kernodle 25
Northwest Guilford 8

Southeast 44
Southern 24

Eastern Guilford 26
Northeast Guilford 22

Kiser by forfeit over Jackson…Jackson did not have enough players to play this one…

+++++In that Mendenhall win over Aycock, GreensboroSports.com was at that game and the word we got this morning was that this game was for the Conference Championship….We have at least two different conferences, but this one was on the line today…..

Aycock took the early lead at Marion Kirby Stadium, when Smith hooked up with Duff on a 40-yard touchdown pass and the two-point conversion failed, 6-0 Aycock…

KeAndre Page took it in from two yards out for Mendenhall and the Page two-point run was good and as the first quarter ended, Mendenhall was in front, 8-6….End of 1st Quarter…

In the second quarter, Baker went to Wilson on a 47-yard strike for six points and after the Matthews run(XPT) was good, Mendenhall grabbed a 10-point lead, going up at that point in the 2nd Quarter, 16-6….

Aycock would not sit back and let it all go up in smoke, the Lions rallied and got a 1-yard touchdown run from Cody King, but the two-point conversion failed and the lead/score was down to four, at 16-12 Mendenhall….That is how it stood at the half and the Mendenhall Mustangs made that lead stand up in the second half, as both teams exchanged the football, but in the end, the final score ends up, Mendenhall 16, Aycock 12……+++++

from Tuesday:
Allen 8
Guilford Middle 0

Ferndale 18
Hairston 0

Southeast Guilford(6-1)
Northern Guilford(5-1)
Southern Guilford(5-2)


  1. I am Coach Hopkins Head Coach at Mendenhall and just wanted to clear somethings up. Tonight’s game against Aycock wasn’t for a conference championship, it is just a big rivalry since the kids will go to Page together. Also I for about 2 or 3 weeks now I have had to deal with the fact that someone @BrentCollins was on here bashing me about my coaching and how awful my coaching was when I was at Aycock and I was a decent DC but not a good head coach. Coach Hill brought me to Mendenhall cause of my coaching against him first hand and for 2yrs check that 3 yrs I have proved that I can coach with less talent then we had at Aycock. I salute you sir for giving me extra fuel to feed my kids who don’t take to people calling there coach out in the slightest form. This isn’t in anyway shape or form a bashing about @BrentCollins or Aycock, I am just saying you have been heard. Hats off to Aycock and their team on a great game and a great season. As always We ride together, We die together, We’re Mustangs For Life!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations to our Falcon Football team as they finished the season with a 44-24 win over Southern Middle to finish 4-0 in the Conference. The Falcons exploded out to a 38-0 halftime lead behind 3 TD’s by Anthony Badgett, a 58 yard passing TD from Ryan Douglas to TJ Shaw as Shaw sprinted away from the Southern secondary and a 27 yard jaunt by Tre Love. TJ Shaw had two 2-point conversions and Carson Burgess caught a slant pass for another 2-point conversion. TJ finished the Falcon scoring when he rumbled 30 yards for a Touchdown after scooping up a Storm fumble. Anthony Badgett had over 125 yards rushing in the 1st half. Way to go Falcons.

  3. Great game last night Mendenhall was able to pull off the upset. Congrats to them. Aycock had to many drop passes and turnovers. Two key fumbles in the red zone really hurt them. I noticed that there starting Qb did not play does anybody know why? He would have made a big difference with feet. #1 Cody king will be a must watch player next season. Congrats coach Hopkins and congrats coach Jones for a great year and turning the Aycock program in the rite direction.

  4. I would like to congratulate Coach Luther Jones for an excellent season.

    *****Editor’s note, time to find some good things to say and if not, time to take a break, season is now over.*****

  5. @TheodoreRoe thank you for being an admirer and for your steadfast support. Be admonished I am apathetic to your critiques of myself and my staff, and I’ll leave you with a great quote from a great man.

    “If you have no critics you’ll likely have no success. ” Malcolm X

  6. Andy,
    let’s give a shout-out to Coach Turley at Eastern Guilford Middle School. he and Coach Simpson have been at EG several years now and always seem to win 4-6 games a year. couple of years ago they went undefeated. I believe their only losses this season were a close one to Northern and one to Southeast. always a threat no matter who they play. and props to coach Lundy who has been there a while too. great job guys!

  7. Well said by our good brother Wildcat Mr. Holleman and we are on board with that…..

    Shout Out! to Coaches Turley, Simpson and Lundy….

    Good job men!

  8. The QB at Kernodle is Tre Turner. He is in 8th grade. I’m not sure which school he will go to (Western or Northwest).

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