High School Football Saturday Mornnig rewind:That ‘Dudley D’ is something to see, Grimsley in a ‘stunner’, Brewington a winner

Page was able to contain the Dudley QB to a certain degree, but that ‘Dudley D’ is really something to see….Page did a good job overall of containing the Emmanuel Moseley runs last night, but Dudley was able to hurt Page early in the ball game with with Panther passing, as Moseley hooked up with Connell Young and Yau Shol for TD tallies and then in the second half, Dudley turned the game over on offense to their runningbacks, with Young getting the workload in the third quarter and then Lamarc Watlington taking over the running chores for the Panthers in the fourth and final frame of the game….

But take it from me, the real story continues to be, ‘The Dudley D’….Other teams may end up having to make a plea, “Don’t come looking for me”, but that ‘Dudley D’ will be on you in a hurry, no matter what school’s jersey you are wearing…Those Cats(Panthers) come to play every Friday night and Dudley has a very good shot to make some real noise in the playoffs, with the ‘D’ that they keep bringing to the table every Football Friday….Will they be practicing on ‘Thanksgiving Thursday’ and then playing on ‘Championship Saturday’? We will have to wait and see, but that ‘Dudley D’ keeps on shaking the tree and they will be the key to the team’s continued success, as they head further down the road in the month of November and what they hope will be the month of December….

Down the road for Dudley(9-0/4-0), to Southeast Guilford(9-1/3-1) next Friday night and the ‘Dudley D’ with Chris Register pushing that cash register and registering key tackles and making big plays along the way, along with ‘Big’ Albert McLean, Naszea Fewell, Tong Majak, Emmanuel Moseley, Harris, Williams, Martin, Diabe, Shol; the list on the ‘Dudley D’ goes on and on…..

Just a ‘stunning’ win by Grimsley at home last night over Southeast Guilford and two other losses for the season, as we learned last night that Lorenzo Featherston(Page) is out for the year with a hernia and that is a problem that had been hindering his ‘all-out’ play for a while and Cam Harris(Northern Guilford) is finished for the season, after he broke his ankle in the McMichael game last evening….

What was that score on the Grimsley-SEG game? I keep on hearing 25-22, but is it true? It is and you can mark it down, that was one of the biggest upsets of the 2013 season right there…..The Glenn Bobcats taking down Northwest Guilford was a shocker last week, but this Grimsley win over the Falcons really does wake you up in a hurry, on a Saturday morning….

Was not at the game, so don’t know all of the details, but we have been hearing good words on the seniors with Pulliam, Edwards, Yow, Jeffries, Simpson, the entire ‘O Line’ and others being called out of hat, and how about that, the fields were wet and they still played all of the games last night and for many including Grimsley, ‘the fields were ripe unto harvest’…..

That one is still a ‘stunner/shocker’ and we don’t have the records before us, but hasn’t Grimsley really had a lot of success versus Southeast Guilford, over the past several years??? Anybody able to pull up/pull out that number this morning??? It would be an attention grabber if you have it handy….May have to hit a MaxPreps rewind….

Northwest Guilford back in the win column and that sets up their huge meeting with East Forsyth coming up next Friday night at NWG….Nice win by High Point Central over Glenn and how about that junior quarterback Jamiel Mack, who I do beleive accounted for 7 TD’s last night, both running and passing combined….

Northern Guilford had two touchdowns from Austin Coltrane, two from Mook Reynolds and two more from C.J. Freeman and the Nighthawks rolled in the second half past McMichael…Did lose Harris for the year and that will be tough, as he was in on offense(WR) and on defense(DB)……

Southern Guilford fell to Ledford and that was one hard way to close out the regular season for the Storm(6-5)…Should put them right at (4-2) in the MPC 3-A, but they may be hanging at #3 instead of #2 now, coming out of the conference….

Any other big ones from around here to talk about from last evening…You bring them in and start them up and we will talk about them here today….

frpm down at Winter Springs, Flordia, near Orlando, former Ben L. Smith Golden Eagle coach Rodney Brewington is now the ‘Golden Boy’ of the Orlando area(kind of like Oscar De La Hoya)…

from the Orlando Sentinel:www.orlandosentinel.com(CLICK HERE)

APOPKA — Winter Springs running back Julius Bennett would like to forget the way Friday night’s 7A, District 4 game started, but he made the night a memorable one for the Bears.

Bennett, who fumbled into the end zone costing his team an opportunity to score just 4 minutes and 34 seconds into the game, finished with a career-best 228 yards rushing on 30 carries, leading the Bears to a 23-14 victory over Wekiva.

The victory gives Winter Springs (6-4 overall, 5-1 district), the No. 16 team in the Sentinel Super 16, the first district championship in school history. It also ended the hopes of Wekiva (5-4, 3-3) to advance into the playoffs for the first time since it opened.

It also means Oak Ridge (6-3, 5-1) will advance to the playoffs as the district runner-up.

“One hitch, one step, one yard at a time. It was baby steps for this program, but here we are, 2013 district champs,” Winter Springs’ first-year coach Rodney Brewington said.


  1. Jamiel Mack finished 25 for 29 with over 320 passing yards and another 100 yards rushing for good measure and accounted for 7 Tds..

    Can you say Player of the Week?

  2. That must be the part where Diabe came in…Will will miss Mr. Fewell and wish himi a speedy recovery….

  3. Naz Fewell was actually lost on one of the very first drives of the smith game he was the starting tackle and defensive end it will be interesting to see how the defense fairs with out his senior leadership i know they still have Chris (#6) and Albert (#50) and Khalil (#36) on the field but the containment for his side has to be down some they only gonna have to keep up the speed to not show an effect an how the offense blocks quicker defensive ends as we couldn’t really see it Friday since Lerenzo (#44 Page) didn’t play Friday we will as they start makin a deeper run into the playoffs

  4. All I’ve heard out of Southeast for the last week is about the big matchup with Dudley. When you have to call a timeout on your very first play it’s a clear indication you may not be focused on the task at hand. A costly mistake. Now, instead of playing for the outright championship SE could be eliminated from the playoffs with a loss. If Page and Grimsley win and SE loses that would put 3 teams at 3 and 2. With Page beating Grimsley, Grimsley beating SE, and SE beating Page it would come down to a coin toss. Am I figuring that correctly?

  5. Even if that scenario plays out and Southeast loses the tie breaker, with they’re great record they would certainly win an at-large bid against a team with a lesser record.

  6. They usually take 4 from the Metro. Has that changed this year with Western out? I think SEG will be in no matter what happens next week.

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