Ever See A Passed Out Mascot?

This weekend, the Denver Nuggets mascot made a less than spectacular entrance. He was lowered from the rafters to the floor.

But, he did not move. He was out cold!

It reminded me of Monty, the mascot for Greensboro, passing out in the Zamboni a few years ago.

Monty passed out because of exhaust fumes trapped inside the Zamboni, he nearly suffocated.

The Denver Mascot probably did not have the correct harness for being suspended and lowered. I suspect that he passed out as his harness cut off blood flow to his legs. This is a common mistake of people who do high wire work – they choose the wrong type of harness. If you are going to be suspended for any length of time, you need a harness that does not put pressure on the arteries in the legs. The Mascot’s weight in the harness cut off the blood flow to the legs, resulting in his passing out.

Watch him being lowered and read the whole story at TMZ.