Our New Guilford County High School Football Poll for Week #12 of the 2013 season

New Guilford County High School Football Poll

2)Northern Guilford(8-2)
3)TIE:Northwest Guilford(9-1)/Southeast Guilford(9-1)
5)High Point Central(7-3)
7)High Point Andrews(8-1)
8)TIE:Southern Guilford (6-5)/Eastern Guilford(6-4)

*****Got teams that are hanging on and hanging in by their teeth….Week One of the playoffs coming up, will give us some separation.*****


  1. Page beat Central 34-33 and Central beat Andrews 27-7, so Page should probably be ranked ahead of Central too…Have played a very tough non-conference schedule and stayed in the game with #1 Dudley last week…

    Just a few thoughts and I’m sure others have plenty more….We got to get this poll down to a Top Five in a few weeks too…

  2. It doesn’t matter who Page beat! They are a 5 win team. If you are that good you should win more of those games against good teams.

    Our playoff system is screwed up! Page should be somewhere near the bottom with 5 wins and they might go in at a 9 seed because they beat some really bad teams in their conference!

  3. That HP Central win that Page got was a very big win….HP Central has a very good team and they have put up some impressive numbers this season….

    Very big game for Page tomorrow night and the same can be said now for Grmsley at Smith too and we know Dudley at SEG is big, along with EF at NWG and Ragsdale at Glenn….Last night a big night for many of our teams….

  4. Hold up there Andy.. HP Central was beating Page 33-17 heading into the 4th quarter, Central had 3 punts blocked in that game 2 blocked in the 4th quarter i believe and Central still could have won the game on the last play. If those two teams met 10 times Central would win 8 of them.

    By that logic HPC should be ranked ahead of Southeast Guilford, the Bison beat Grimsley before they had a ton of injuries 42-27, SE lost to Grimsley by a score of 25-22.

    HPC’s 7 wins playing the schedule they played is far more impressive than Southeast’s 9 wins against the competetion they have faced.

  5. Yes there are lots of ways to slice it…

    We did a scenario like this back when I was in high school and we had Guilford College beating Notre Dame…

    That year Guilford had beaten Elon and Elon beat somebody that beat somebody else and on up the chain we went….Till we finally got up to Notre Dame and by our scenario, Guilford would have beaten the Irish back in the 70’s….Or least in that particular year….

    Injuries play a big part in it too and now we have,

    Scott Johnston(Grimsley)
    Lorenzo Featherston(Page)
    Nazsea Fewell(Dudley)
    Cam Harris(Northern Guilford)
    All gone for the year and C.J. McThay from Southeast has been out for a while now too and we are not sure of his return….

    One of the Central receivers has been down for a time too…Not Foggie, not Gorham, not Pratt, but the other good one….

  6. Here’s my top 10

    NW Guilford
    SE Guilford

  7. Lets be serious……if you mean Page was “in the game with #1 Dudley” as in they brought their team to The Tarp then you are correct but I would hardly call losing 28-7 as being in the game. Great coaching simply allowed Davis to rest up the offense in the 2nd half for SE and let the defense wear down Page for a traditional low scoring affair. Great special teams play but the Pirates had no answers on offense…..

  8. Page has had a brutal schedule this year but they also had opportunities to beat some good teams. The problem was they got too far behind in the first half and could not catch up. That was the case in the Southeast Guilford game. Too many turnovers, too many penalties. Britt can be a great quarterback and I think this season will really help give him the experience he needs to lead the Pirates in 2014.

    Page needs a win tonight to keep their playoff hopes alive. Grimsley will probably not have much of a problem with Smith. We’ve seen from last week that anything can happen (and yes, nice win last week for Grimsley).

    If Page and Grimsley finish 3-2 in the Metro, and only one of them can go to the playoffs, it has to be Page, as they beat Grimsley head to head.

  9. If Page Grimsley and Dudley win then Grimsley goes as #2 by way of drawing. Scott Johnston is not out for they year and will play next week if Grimsley gets in. Whirlie fans pulling for Dudley tonight!

  10. If Page Grimsley and Dudley win Grimsley will get the #3 out of their conference. They lost the head to head with Page and both Page and Grimsley go 4AA therefor they will be a #3 and Page will be a #2.

    If Grimsley, and Dudley win and Page loses Grimsley will be a #2 out of their conference.

    SE Guilford will be a #1 with a win tonight. If they lose it will be interesting to see how the NCHSAA seeds them. When teams go into different classifications there are no head to heads for #1’s. But do they still hold those same rules for 2’s? If so SE Guilford could still be a #2 out of the Metro since Grimsley and Page both go 4AA.

    Selection Saturday Tomorrow!

  11. Page shouldn’t even be on this poll. If they don’t win tonight, they most likely won’t make the playoffs. Their win against HP Central was a fluke. IF they were to play this game back, HP Central would destroy them.

  12. That Guy,

    If Page loses, they won’t be in the playoffs, dips***.

    As for the HPC game, check the scoreboard, loser.

    You’re not terribly bright, are you?

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