Final High School Football Playoff Brackets from the NCHSAA

Don’t think they changed at all for our local teams, but you can CLICK HERE for the final bracket/seeding….

CLICK HERE to see the brackets from the NCHSAA.

Among the games that we have seen so far you have:

Page at Northwest
Eastern Guilford at Northern
East Forsyth at Grimsley
South Caldwell at Dudley
Southeast Guilford at Mount Tabor
Hopewell at High Point Central(Thursday)
Anson County at Southern Guilford
Southwest Edgecombe at High Point Andrews
North Stanley at Bishop McGuinness

Here are your separate Bracket Breakdowns….


  1. Wow, Page with a very tough 1st round draw with NW…………..I think the Pirates can pull the upset…….

  2. Entire playoffs are a joke. 4-7 and 3-8 teams in the playoffs… Come on. I remember when you had to win your conference to get in…. This makes no since…….

  3. Some of the team meetings that we have been able to track so far….

    Earlier this season:Northern 41, Eastern Guilford 0
    2012:East Forsyth 42, Grimsley 7
    2011:Page 44, Northwest Guilford 25…

    Just a few previous meetings to be looking at…They all mean something…

  4. Not only can Page beat NW they will! Page has lost a few games to some great teams this year but they are now clicking on both sides of the ball. I’m super excited that we drew NW and not one of the Charlotte powers!

    My prediction
    Page 21
    NW 17

  5. How is Grimsley an 8 seed and Page a 14? Page beat Grimsley head to head.

    I call BS.

    Well it doesn’t really matter. Grimsley drew East Forsyth. So they’re one and done.

  6. John, your last 3 posts have been about Grimsley. You should be worried about your house. NW thumped EF Friday. Also John have you read any of the other threads on here? Learn how the seeding is done before you comment further. It’s pretty obvious since your spending your time bashing Grimsley you’re not too confident in the Pirates. Also John did you ever play football? And by play I mean actually get on the field not just wear a uniform.

  7. Purple,

    Grimsley is garbage this year and you will find out against EF. Make sure you come back on here on Friday when Grimsley is done and Page is playing next week!

  8. I don’t think NW has seen a set of athletes this year like Gavin and Britt. It will be a great game and should be a sell out at NW but I think Page will upset the Vikings.

  9. Can someone give me the date and time for the Page game? I’ve been following my son’s college career (since he left Page) but I’d really like to go and support the Pirates.

    Thanks in advance!

    Debo’s Mom **still #45

  10. Page will play at NW Friday at 7:30pm. You should come watch the Pirates break the Vikings hearts like back in 2011. GO PAGE!!!!

  11. No disrespect to grimsley but why does the 9-2 EF team have to travel to a 5-6 grimsley team. 9-2 with a 9 seed and 5-6 with an 8 seed. Doesn’t make sense.

  12. I’m chuckling at how much John and the other Page “fans” worry so much about my team. Chaps you that we are in the playoffs and playing at home doesn’t it. I love it. Go Whirlies!!

  13. Gfan

    Your team doesn’t deserve a home game, an 8 seed, or even a playoff birth. Your schedule was full of weak opponents and you still have a worse record than Page. We simply drew for seeding in the conference, which is a bit ridiculous in the first place.

    Regardless, Jameison is going to sound real quiet, and I know Page will make an interesting game.

  14. Chaps you doesn’t it…hehehe. We feel really badly about it. Let me tell you bub, our HOME stadium will be rocking Friday night!!

    You know SEG should be the most upset at Grimsley but it is really funny that Page worries more.

  15. Northern is winning another state title with future star runningback CJ Freeman and also future star Mook Reynolds. Teams are lucky the Big three (cam Harris, CJ freeman, Mook Reynolds) with cam being hurt but northern will still win a 4peat

  16. I find it hilarious that Page fans are upset about the way the expanded playoffs are done. If it weren’t for the expansion the Pirates would be playing basketball. Grimsleys non-conference schedule was made up of “pushovers ” like NW, HPC, HP Andrews, and Ragsdale, which I believe is on Pages schedule as well. Don’t worry about whats going on on Westover Terrace. We got this. You need to be focusing on a very good NW team.

  17. I think you Page fans need to calm down a little! This ain’t the same NW team you saw back in 2011. Their running game is pretty impressive! They have ran for almost 3500 yards in 11 games this season against some great teams! (Northern, Reidsville, HPC, EF, Reagan) If anything I don’t think I would give NW extra motivation this week! LOL!

  18. With all due respect Falcons. We ain’t scared of NW or their running game! We are coming Friday to win!

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