High School Football Checklist with Seasonal Numbers as we approach Week Two of the Playoffs

Rushing Totals:Looking at our Top Ten this week….
1,809:Reggie Gallaspy(Southern Guilford) 1,809 yards with 27 TD’s….…
1,623:Shakir Turner(Southeast Guilford) with 1,623 yards and 27 TD’s…..
1,380:Jalen Gavin(Page) with 1,380 rushing yards and 20 TD’s….
1,343:Anthony Harding(Nrthwest Guilford) with 1,343 yards rushing and 23 TD’s…
1,319:C.J. Freeman(Northern Guilford) with 1,319 yards rushing and 16 TD’s…
1,278:Marquell Cartwright(High Point Andrews) 1,278 yards and 23 TD’s…..
1,227:Jamiel Mack(High Point Central) with 1,227 rushing yards…14 TD’s
1,043:C.J. McThay(Southeast Guilford)..with 1,043 yards rushing and 11 TD’s..
1,041:Emmanuel Moseley(Dudley) with 1,041 Rushing Yards 16 TD’s
992:Christian Dix(Northwest Guilford) with 992 yards rushing…8 TD’s…

Passing Numbers/Combo Nunbers:
Jamiel Mack(High Point Central) with 2,628 yards passing and 1,227 yards rushing(3,855 total yards) and 25 TD passes and 14 TD’s rushing(39 total)….183-297 passing….
Reggie Gallaspy from Southern Guilford with 1,809 yards rushing and 214 receiving for 2,023 total yards and 27 TD’s….
Austin Coltrane(Northern Guilford) with 1,602 passing yards and 24 TD’s, plus 329 rushing yards and 7 TD’s(1,931 total yards/31 TD’s)….plus Coltrane has 47 succesful PAT kicks and 2 FG’s….111-205 passing…
Tevan Evans of Western Guilford with 1,194 yards passing and 475 yards rushing and 12 TD’s(1,669 total yards)….….
Emmanuel Moseley(Dudley) Emmanuel Moseley- Dudley 1,041 Rushing Yards 16 TD’s. 622 Passing Yards 16 TDs 1,663 Total Yards 32 TD’s,
Rick Mack(Southwest Guilford) with 819 yards receiving and 685 rushing(1,504 total yards) and 18 TD’s….
Scott Johnston(Grimsley)1,402 total yards rushing and receiving for 10 TD’s/892 rushing and 510 receiving
Moseley(Dudley) 32 TD’s, 18 for Rick Mack and 39 for Jamiel Mack….31 TD’s for Austin Coltrane…..
Alec Cobb(Ragsdale) with 1,070 passing yards and 13 TD’s/6 INT’s….
Eric Cunningham(SWG) with 836 passing yards….
Quentin Mitchem(Southern Guilford) with 793 yards passing and 5 TD…
Bubba Craven(Southeast) with 672 passing yards and 3 TD’s…
Malik Stimpson(Grimsley) with 608 yards passing and 5 TD’s
Justin Hensley(SWG) with 515 passing yards and 8 TD’s….……

Our Top Ten receivers:
897:Juwan Foggie(HP Central) with 897 yards..9 TD’s
819:Rick Mack(Southwest Guilford) with 819 yards….10 TD’s…
699:Tim Gorham(HP Central) with 699 yards…4 TD’s
562:Kevin Gehsman(Western Guilford) with 562 yards and 5 TD’s..
559:Keenan Stevens(Western Guilford) with 559 yards and 5 TD’s..
520:Jarriet Smith(Grimsley with 520 yards receiving…
517:Mook Reynolds(Northern Guilford) with 517 yards and 10 TD’s…
512:Charles Edmond(High Point Central) 512 yards/6 TD’s…
510:Scott Johnston(Grimsley) with 510 receiving yards and 3 TD’s…
413:Cam Harris(Northern Guilford) with 413 yards and 6 TD’s….

247:Jamiel Mack(High Point Central) with 247 yards passing and 2 TD’s for the Bison..
241:Reggie Gallaspy(Southern Guilford) with 241 yards rushing and 3 TD’s…
236:C.J. McThay(Southeast Guilford) with 236 yards rushing, with 3 TD’s and 4 two-point conversions….
215:Emmanuel Moseley(Dudley) with 108 yards rushing and 97 yards passing, to go along with 2 TD’s on ground and 2 TD’s by air….
179:Anthony Harding(Northwest Guilford) with 179 yards rushing and 2 TD’s..
163:Lamar Raynard(High Point Andrews) with 163 yards passing an 1 TD.
160:C.J. Freeman(Northern Guilford) with 160 yards rushing for the Nighthawks
154:Jake Simpson(Grimsley) with 154 yards passing and 2 TD’s..
143:Juwan Foggie(High Point Central) with 143 yards receiving and 2 TD’s..
105:Shakir Turner(Southeast Guilford) with 105 yards rushing, with 2 TD’s and 3 two-point conversions for the SEG Falcons..
84:Marquell Cartwright(High Point Andrews) with 84 yards rushing and 2 TD’s for HPA..
76:Jalen Gavin(Page) with 76 yards rushing and 1 TD