High School Basketball Tonight for Tuesday 11/19/13

A bit of a scattered schedule tonight, but here is what we have so far:
from Saturday Final:Greensboro Day 56, Christ School 41….from Monday night, Vandalia Christian 61, Fellowship Christian of Durham 45….

Girls games at 6 and boys at 7:30pm
Page at Northeast Guilford….This one will be the top game in our area this evening for the boys, for a number of reasons…

Western Guilford at Eastern Guilford
High Point Central at Southern Guilford
Grimsley at Burlington Williams
Southeast Guilford at Providence Grove…6:30pm and Girls only from what I am seeing…
Smith at Glenn
Asheboro at Northern Guilford
Forsyth Country Day at Caldwell Academy 7pm
Vandalia Christian at Salem Baptist 7pm
Westchester Country Day at Calvary Baptist 7pm

*****Pulling all of these in from MaxPreps.com, so if you have more, send it our way…..*****


  1. Varsity girls will not be in action tonight for Eastern Guilford. JV boys start at 6, Varsity boys at 730. Varsity girls play tomorrow night, not sure who but will pass it on when i find out.

  2. Great performance by New Garden Friends, won 101-44 with starters playing roughly half the game. 40 points from Kanayo Obi-Rapu

  3. How do you turn a blind eye to the fact that the Page boys now have added 3 players at least from other school zones when they have not been there in years past? I smell recruitment. It definitely warrants looking into. Everyone got so hung up on Northern and their issues but there are so many loopholes still within the system and it is really sad. Granted they had talent prior to those 3 but it is sad when adults go to the lengths they go through to look good. What does that show our kids yet you complain day in and day out about what the school system is not doing. Shame on the AD’s and principals that can’t answer valid questions when raised.

  4. Page having players move from other Schools?????? Survey says….. YES….. And it’s not the first or last from them or any other shcool in Guilford County. The County might as well do away with school zones… What Page has this year is just like Northern a few years ago. The only difference is it is Page…. But it’s been this way with Dudley, Grimsley, Etc… ETc….

  5. Agree….Do away with school zones and lets have a free for all just like Forsyth County! That way some other schools could try to keep up with Page and Northern!

  6. When families move into a school zone and the kids are approved to play, the county approves it, that is what you have to with….If students are at a certain school and playing the county had to apporove it/allow it and that is how you have to play it…

    Coach Abell, Coach Scarborough and a new coach, coaching
    Page this year and the above poster was correct on Sykes…

  7. Stop being shocked. This happens at almost every school in almost all sports. As long as there are parents that are willing to try and beat the system, this will continue. Most people are honest, but others are willing to try and bend the rules to their advantage.

  8. In district, out-of-district, if Guilford County approved any tranfers, it is what it is…

    Don’t know reasons why student-athletes transfer, only the county would know that…Lots of the rest of the talk would be heresay and on here we will not get all of the facts….

    Parents make the call and they will call and see what the county says and make the moves from there, as far as I know…None of us are privy to all of that information and we shouldn’t be, inside info for county, the school administrators and the parents….And not for the public…

    People can talk all they want, only the people on the inside know the facts…And we should leave it at that.

    It is early in the basketball season, have some fun with it and enjoy it…It should be fun and not some phase of contention….

  9. if these families are legitimately in the page district …. even though it may obviously be for ball … then they are playing by the rules… technically….

    on another level…. well

    one question though Andy… if these transfers played at their schools last year dont they have to sit one year?

  10. That is what the rule says, but how they get around it Page has the IB program. All the coach has to go do is tell the director of the IB program to let the kid in.

  11. And if the County approves it, you play on…

    You may or may not like it, but you do have to play on…

  12. There are only 2 seniors at Page that get significant burn on the court and those are Jeremy Harris and Jalen Gavin. Diondre, other Jalen, and Ty are sophomores, and Xavier and Anthony are juniors.

  13. So, to Mr. White, Page will probably be even better next year. They’ll have David Funderberg, a sophomore, to back up X or Diondre at the C/PF spot, so I imagine they’ll crush most of the teams they come up against.

  14. You think Page will miss Sykes, one of the most exciting players in the country?

    Page have a pretty good squad this year, went to the game last night.

  15. Honestly Sykes won’t be missed too much. At the time I heard he would be leaving I felt very sad, but Jeremy, Jalen, and Diondre more than make up for his Absense

  16. And we all need to keep in mind that Jalen Gavin wasn’t even available last night due to a football injury…Should be back soon and when he is in there with Eaves and Graves, that is one of the best backcourts in the state…

    Gavin, Graves and Eaves can hang with most any high school backcourt in the state, especially when they are in transition…..And you’ve got to say that Eaves can go on a streak and really light it up outside….He was in a zone last night at NEG….

  17. There you Go…. All of Guilford county needs to stop whining and complaining about cheating and recruiting and so on and be proud of the representation from all sports…. Dudley and Northern win state in FB unless they have a really bad night… Looks like only private schools can beat Page with the round ball and several others sure to be strong as well….

  18. Andy,

    You seem to have a man crush with Page and Western Guilford athletics…….what’s the deal man?????

  19. It’s not whining. It is an opinion that needs to be reviewed by the administering body of all sports, the NCHSSA to really look at the issues surrounding what these schools do get players. But at the end of the day, if Guilford County allows it shame on them.

  20. I was wondering how curious you are about being an adult that spreads rumors on other peoples families, worry about the fact that your child is probably just like the that have never trained or worked to be better at anything but running their mouth. They should send Page a thank you letter for not beating him by 50! If they had pressed the entire game, they would have beat them by 50. They played small ball on cruise control and went up by as much as 44. The blogs should be about the coaches stealing money coaching tennis and other sports while your kids in your bball program with the potential to go to college end up at Community College unlimited! Where is the Mohamed kid from last year and the Griffin kid that avg. 20 each? This site is a joke and the people who have time to write on here are writing about all of the wrong things. Who cares what the county is doing about any of these schools…Teach your kids to COMPETE…IN LIFE! Don’t teach them to lose BAD like NE and complain even after getting smacked!

  21. I am Andy’s Adversary, and I would like to know why no one on this site complained one bit about Dudley last year when they had many players from Eastern Guilford, Southern Guilford, Northeast Guilford etc.? I will tell you why no one complained about those players…they were not that good! And, here you clowns are complaining about Page High school when they have players that work their butts off to the point one of them drops NE off for 36 points on 9 made three pointers and he has been living in the same house since 3rd grade. You have another player that has been living in the same house since 5th grade that gave you 16, and two other players that have been in their homes forever that both gave you double-doubles! Then you have a kid that has been in his home since he was knee high to a ducks butt that was one of the best football players in this county, and as soon as he gets on that court is going to destroy you named GAVIN! And, you people are complaining??????? I bet you clowns blame everyone else for your childrens failures as well and in a couple of years, tell them welcome to the Real World. And, don’t ever compare Page to Northern again! First of all Abell is not a complete crook like Stan, and Page doesn’t have superstars living in Yanceyville, Burlington and houses in Page district saying they live in empty houses on Hwy 150! Smith, Dudley, Western Guilford, Glenn, East Forsyth, etc. etc…. Talk about what’s real on here or shut up.

  22. Time to read the rest as it says above and to give this one a rest….

    We need to all get it in gear and strive to enjoy this high school basketball season that is already upon us…

    I was over at New Hope Christian Academy(Thomasville), Northwest Guilford(2 times), Page, Dudley, Ragsdale, Eastern Guilford, Northeast Guilford and High Point Andrews in the past week, so we do make the rounds….

    It is not all about one or two schools, although at times it may seem that way…

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