Our New Guilford County High School Football Poll for Week #14 of the 2013 season

New Guilford County High School Football Poll

2)Northern Guilford(10-2)
3)Northwest Guilford(11-1)
4)Southeast Guilford(10-2)
5)High Point Central(9-3)
6)High Point Andrews(10-1)

******I guess we could call this one your ‘Super Six’….Any changes on your end??? Anyone have Central above Southeast and is it time to move HP Andrews ahead of Central? Central, Southeast, and Andrews may be the X-Factors this week.******


  1. Dudley -tough game against ND. Now we will start to see just how good this team really is!

    Northern – Give em another ring! Until they move to 4A no team in the 3A will be able to hang

    NW- Going to be tough to beat the Raiders. I have Richmond by 14 points

    SEG- I think they get past Mooresville by 7

    HPC – struggled to stop the NW wing t can’t see them stopping the beast named Hood!


  2. Dudley (Toughest game of the year)
    Northern (Agree with breakdown ADM #’s show it too)
    NW (Richmond is small but fast, control the ball NW)
    SEG (Do what you do, run big)
    CC (Stopping the wing-T is tough)
    HPA (The surest pick!)

  3. Several schools have higher ADM #’s than Northern in 3A.
    The thing is even with the high number of students at Northern, it does not translate in numbers to the football program. 39 players on the roster, the coaches do an outstanding job with those numbers!

  4. What does coach K have to do with NG football or even basketball today? Let it lie–/he is reaping what he has sown. Just add him to the long list of people who have ruined their lives and the lives of family and friends by being greedy—GO BENGALS!!!!!!!

  5. Ain’t but two kinds of teams left in these playoffs
    Weasels and Weasel Slappers

    Dudley ready to slap these ND Weasels back from where they came from.Not a rematch , a revenge match.
    Dudley 46-7
    Northern by 30
    NW by 4
    SE by 3
    HPC by 5
    HPA by 18

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