High School Basketball Tonight Finals for 12/5/13:Page, St. Pius girls and Ragsdale, Grimsley, NGFS boys all winners

More boys to add in:Grimsley 54, Southern Guilford 43…New Garden Friends School 69, Caldwell Academy 65…..

Girls Finals:
Here is a piggyback score on the Page-NWG girls:Final score-St. Pius varsity girls 43, Greensboro Day 27. Our reporter says, “it was a much closer game than the score indicates.”…Should make St. Pius(11-0)…

Page 55
Northwest Guilford 37

1st Q:Page 13, NWG 3…Halftime:Page 25, NWG 12…
Page Scoring:Paris Kea 27 points to lead all scorers…Tiana Sherman had 11, Emily Casper 7, Chardee Carter 4, while Vivian Polite and Campbell Kargo had three points each for the Pirates…
Northwest Guilford scoring:Morgan Pointer led the way with 11 points, Hayley Barber had 7, Savanah Neas and Toni Tucker had 5 each, Hunter Newman had 4 points, Catherine Moore had 3 and Katherine Langtson had 2….Looking to get all the names correct, we hope…

Was thinking about it during the game and Paris Kea looked real good and she made her teammates look even better…A theory I had said if Paris gets 30 points and you hold her Page teammates to 10 points or less, you have a chance to win..Only problem is Paris was right at 30 tonight(27) points, and she set her Pirate teammates up they got 28 and then you still got beat and you need to surpass 40 points to make the theory work and NWG was just at 37….Northwest would have had their best chance to attack inside with Pointer and Newman, but the problem is, Kea and Sherman do a very good job of dropping down and helping out…And with Kea and Sherman, you have two veteran guards that are tall and they can help with with post and inside defense….(Theory says you have to try and beat them 50-40 with Paris at 30 and Page teammates at 10, and then you have to get 50 and that looks to be a tall order right now in early December…

We may be breaking this down way too much here early in the season, but the TIMCO Tournament is coming up and who will offer the best challenge to the Defending Champions, the Page Pirate girls??? We saw NWG fall tonight and NWG just beat Northern Guilford on Tuesday, so right now, I don’t think it will be Ragsdale, Grimsley, Northeast or Smith….Smith has a new coach and you would think that they are re-building again…Grimsley and Northeast are still in the re-building mode…

So that leaves the Greensboro Day School at (6-0) to start the season and Page at (4-0) to begin the year as the two with the best shot to make it to the finals….I may be wrong again, but that is why I am still trying to figure it all out…..Northwest Guilford is still maybe a year or two from putting it all back together, but you never know, somebody out there at the Coliseum in late December, like a Page or GDS, may have a bad night and that is why they play the games and that is why we love to write about them and talk about them year-round….

Here is the score for tonight’s Ragsdale HS at SE Guilford HS Varsity Boy’s game. Courtesy of Ragsdale assistant coach Brandon Mullis…Tie game at the end of one and at halftime, 15-15, but Ragsdale opened it up in the second half to nail down the victory….

Ragsdale    5 10 25 22 62
SE Guilford 5 10 11 17 43

SE Guilford drops to 0-3 overall. Ragsdale improves to 3-1 overall.

Bobby Hampton – 13 points
Cameron Hairston – 13
Lyndon Williamson – 6
Elliot Rawls – 4
Patrick Terell – 3
Justin Dorsett – 2
Tommy Michaels – 2

James Stepp – 24 points
Daniel Kanakanui- 12
Malcolm Burke – 11
Tevin Quick – 5 points
Shawn Stringfellow – 4
Ebly Sanchez – 3
TJ Parker – 2
Justin Dillard – 1

Ragsdale next plays on Tuesday 12/10/13 at home against Person HS (Roxboro, NC).


  1. Andy,

    Coaches are so scared of Paris they don’t even try to coach vs her and end up losing anyway. NW coach figured it out after the first quarter but was in to deep of a hole. Either make paris score 50 or make her teammates score 50. Playing a 2-3 zone vs Paris means you lost before the game started.

  2. Thing is.. you can let the team score 50, and try to hold Paris, but shes still going to get to the line and pitch in with 10-15 points.. so then you need to score 60-65 to win..

  3. Gds vs page girls is the timco championship game. Gds by 10. Thorpe will be MVP because she will shoot the most and put up the most points. It’s simple really…

  4. Paris is not super human and neither are her teammates.
    She and they will have an off night, everyone does and they will lose. Look what happened to Michigan State the other night. It happened last year and it will happen this year. Let them enjoy their time winning, I’m sure there are many coaches and players out there that wish Paris was on their team. Someone in the metro will find a way neutralize them one night. Page and Paris is what makes the metro conference so great. Can’t wait till January when it all starts.

  5. I think we all love to strategize, but with that being said and done to certain degree, we respect all of the players that we talk about here on this site and enjoy watching them grow up and play their game of basketball…

  6. Paris Kea and Tamera Thorpe are friends. Their games speak for them. Both of them will do their jobs on the court. If Page and GDS both make it to the championship game, the game will be won by their teammates. Page has the deeper team but only 5 can play at a time. These are two all state players that could care less about their stats but would cut off their arm for a win. It would be great to see an all Page and GDS final day match up.

  7. Page girls have been to the championship game 3 years in a row and GDS has never been there. Not sure how much Thorpe shoots but Paris shoots 30 times per game and is the reigning two time MVP. Until GDS gets to the finals, I don’t want to hear from you GDS supporters. We know your boys will not make it this year. I am predicting a Page vs NW final game.

  8. You have to look at the dynamics of team and the individual games played before you can name a shooter MVP of any tournament. Who’s assisting the shooter, is the shooter playing defense, rebounding doing anything else other than just shooting? Points can be deceiving and any person who knows the game knows that. If I have a player that gives me 12 pts, 8 rebounds 6 steals and 2 assist that’s my MVP vs a player that gave me 30 pts and nothing else. That’s just my opinion but everybody knows that colleges recruit kids that can just score, right? I thought not.

  9. I have GDS winning the Timco also with Tamara being MVP. She will have the mismatch in a GDS vs Page final. Paris will have to score 100 pts in 3 days to win the Timco. Pager I know someone else will score.. but what are the chances Paris scores 15 and her teammates having 50 pts? I’m talking about common sense basketball coaching.

  10. I really appreciate all of you and your strategizing, but you’re really not getting the full scoop on Page.

    I’ll talk about Paris first. She’s possibly the most dynamic player we’ve seen in Guilford County. She scores when she is open, but more likely than not she gives the ball away for an assist. She isn’t a ball hog, she plays INCREDIBLE defense, and her skill set is unmatched.

    Secondly, the other players on Page’s team are great too. You take Paris off the team, and you still have a team with incredible guard and decent center play. The Cargo family has one currently sitting out (Bailey) but Campbell and their little sister can carry the team.

    It is too soon to say who will win the tournament, but I wouldn’t put my money on anyone but Page.

  11. BigBuck,

    Who are these great teammates that can win without paris? Cause I’m not seeing it at all. I see them not being able to create shots for themselves and turning the ball over.
    The word “great” is used way too loosely these days.

  12. Why are we questioning Page’s team? Other than Thorpe, who is going to help GDS win games. Page has at least 5 or 6 good players. I will put my money on Page until I see someone else from GDS. Everyone knows about Paris, Thorpe,and Bailey and crew for Page. GDS lost to Smith last year so why are we talking about them even getting to the finals with one or two girls. I thought Imani previously of Page was at GDS.

  13. How can you make a prediction if you don’t even know who is on the potentially opposing team? GDS lost to Smith true but beat them this year by 50+ but in all fairness Smith has a different team but GDS has changed too. The obvious is that you do not know basketball or you are trying to be disrespectful to GDS. Either way, it’s uncalled for. So, instead of worrying about “who knows about” who on a team, just make sure that all of your girls are known well enough to play at the next level. So, let’s all put to rest the GDS girls vs Page’s girls chatter until they actually both make it to the Championship and then we let the players decide during the game who will win.

  14. If you think Thorpe is the engine behind GDS then think again. She is a prolific scorer but GDS team is dangerous. You neutralize Thorpe then they have to contain Atkinson who will drive in the lane and can shoot from the outside. She is also the best defender in the area if not the state. Caroline from the Stealers is a great ball handler that has great court vision and knows how to set her team up. She can also shoot from behind the arc. But the key to GDS is their depth. They have a young core that if you remove the older girls will beat most teams around or have close games. Those young ones are tough. If you take Thorpe away and Paris..GDS will beat Page by 30 or more.

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