Dudley Panthers will face Scotland County coming up this Saturday in Raleigh, with photos and preview news on the Scots

Got some real good photos from the Scotland County-Greenville Rose game from last Friday night and some good preview news on Scotland too…Their QB, Jaylend Ratliffe, scored six TD’s Friday and the kid can pass and throw…Should be a very good QB matchup between him and Dudley’s quarterback, Emmanuel Moseley….

Here we got with about 47 photos from the Scotland County Scots 53-40 win over the Rampants from J.H. Rose, last Friday night….

CLICK HERE for the preview look at Scotland County and this will give everyone an idea of what to expect come Saturday, at Carter-Finley Stadium, in Raleigh….

All Scotland County info coming in during this installment, from WRALSportsFan’s High School OT section…..www.wralsportsfan.com…..