Tuesday Night Scoring Desk – December 17, 2013:Time to get those scores in here, Tuesday night clock is ticking!

10:07 PM – Update #8

Girls Basketball
Burlington Williams – 30
Northeast Guilford- 20
*****Low-scoring affair here…BW pulled ahead and pulled away with 2 minutes to go.******

Northwest Guilford – 40
Southeast Guilford – 48
Kara Shutt with 25 points to lead SEG Falcons…Kayla Phifer had 10 and Tinsley added 7 for SEG…Savanah Neas with 13 for Northwest Guilford and Haley Barber chipped in 10 and she hit some key three’s late for the Vikings and Shutt nailed at least 4 three’s for SEG and she sparked them with their early 2nd half run….Morgan Pointer with 7 and Toni Tucker with 6 for NWG….1st Q:SEG 15, NWG 11…Halftime:NWG 24, SEG 22…3rd Q:SEG 40, NWG 32….

North Davidson – 64
Page – 35

Northern Guilford – 46
Eastern Guilford – 36

Southwest Guuilford – 48
Andrews – 36

Bishop McGuinness – 51
North Wilkes – 28

                       1    2    3    4   Total
Charlotte Christian    04   07	 00   00   11
New Hope Christian     35   24   18   12   89

JV Boys Basketball
North Davidson – 52
Page – 58

Northeast Guilford – 53
Burlington Williams – 33

JV Girls Basketball
Northeast Guilford – 36
Burlington Williams – 22

Boys Basketball
Bishop McGuinness – 57
North Wilkes – 53

Western Guilford – 69
Ledford – 53

Northern Guilford – 77
Eastern Guilford – 63

Southwest Guilford – 73
High Point Andrews – 57

Northeast Guilford – 57
Burlington Williams – 42

Mount Tabor – 72
Ragsdale – 67

Northwest Guilford – 76
Southeast Guilford – 52

North Davidson – 60
Page – 86

Grimsley – 54
High Point Central – 51

Dudley – 62
Cummings – 52

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  1. SEG girls play North Davidson next Thursday at Ledford. That will be an interesting first round game. Looks like the folks who made the New Bridge Classic schedule want to eliminate one of the best teams quickly.

    Page must have had an off night, been a long time since they have lost that bad.

  2. The Newbridge Classic bracket is pre-determined before the season even starts (The bracket has been planned for the next 5 years). I do not necessary agree with that but that is how it is done. That being said I do not see anyone touching East Davidson this year. They have yet had a close game beating Ledford and North Davidson both by double digits. They returned all starters from a team that made it to the regionals last year. Thomasville is also back in the tournament. This year should be more competitive than that in the recent few years.

  3. Page is finally meeting teams who have more than 2 or 3 good players. Besides Paris, there is really nobody on Page’s team that can pick up if Paris has an off night. Paris is responsible for pretty much every point, somehow, someway. You can’t win games against teams who have more than 5 solid players. Thus losing to SWG and ND.

    The metro will be very interesting this year.

  4. @Bo
    So how can the tournament schedule have been planned for 5 years if they let Thomasville in this year? Looks like that would be difficult to do when they drop and add teams. I’m not saying you are wrong, just seems weird to me. I have not seen any of the other teams play but would to have a chance to play ED. This tournament is always fun, the Davidson County fans really pack the house when their team plays. Maybe this year SEG fans will fill our side and support this team.

  5. I thought the same thing but I saw the pairings for the next few years. Because Lexington opted out (playing in the Mary Garber) they just placed Thomasville in their place. Therefore no change in the amount of teams in the tournament.
    SEG, ED, ND, Tville and Ledford all have strong teams. Should be interesting.

  6. So people can stop expecting page to sweep the Timco. GDS girls will win it. They have more then 2 good players. They have 7 aau players.

  7. Everyone has AAU players. I am not sure what that matters. But I do agree with you that GDS girls will win it.

  8. Who has GDS beaten this year to warrant that they will win TIMCO? They have been playing a cupcake schedule.

  9. I personally don’t care if gds wins or loses it. But I’ve seen all the teams around and gds is the best. Just wait and see

  10. Don’t count out the “Red Death” Lady Pirates out yet. The team is young and dealing with some growing pains as well as injuries. It’s still early in the season and I’m sure Coach Jones, Harris, and Seager will have them firing on all cylinders before conference play begins.

  11. GDS girls cannot carry Kea and company shoes! Kea (Vanderbilt) will show them how to play ball. GDS does not have one player on their team that is any where near “THE KEA”!

  12. Please stop! Paris is a great player and even better person. It’s these types of comments that gets Paris the unjust treatment from people that she does not deserve. Because ignorant people put down others to lift her up. Who are you? What D1 school did you play for? Is Kea your daughter? Because if so, those are her abilities and not yours. So unless this is Paris herself, you are irrelevent and ignorant. Everyone praised Page last year and they did not have one girl to go on to play college basketball at a NCAA D1 or D2 school. All you do is ride Paris, y’all got anything or anyone else because that horse has been beat to death. Besides, doesn’t matter how good she is she can’t beat a team and I hope you watched the UCONN vs DUKE game last night because there are tons of girls out there better than her. But that’s not a bad thing, because there is always somebody out there better. All that matters is that a player gives their best when their name is called. So shut your mouth and stop living through someone else.

  13. It is going to be a battleground for the girls this season in the Metro 4-A….Paris will be carrying the heaviest part of the load for Page, same thing for Kara Shutt at Southeast(she had 25 last night), Shaylan Burnett is the workhorse for Southern Alamance, the Patriots do still have April Kelly in the middle, but she won’t be able to carry the team, Burnett will have to do it…The Patriots’ point guard Boggs is gone….

    Dudley has a pretty good one-two punch with seniors Rouse and Kennedy Currie, plus Dudley has Essence Abraham too…

    There is a very good chance right there that Dudley needs to be your girls favorite to win the Metro…

    One player can not do it all by themselves and Paris Kea is one of the best players to ever play girls basketball in Guilford County…I’m not sure if anyone can say who the best has been…There have been some good ones…Nobody has seen them all play…

    Paris has worked her tail off and she has done everything she can to help her team over the years….She has done her part, but she can only do so much….She will have to get some help out there and Page knows that….They will do all they can, with all they have and I think you should all realize that….

    Support these kids, they are giving it there all and it is easy for others to assume that they aren’t, but the kids are the ones that are out there playing and practicing the game every day…

    All the adults can do is sit around and talk about it, unless you have some time to go grab a ball and pop some shots and that is easy too, until the defense arrives…

    That is difference in all of our games….We might be able to light it up from the outside, or hit 10-15 free throws in a-row, but then what happens when the defense kicks in on us??? That then is the real world…It is not for real unless you are doing it with some defense on you….

    That will be the difference for both the boys and girls in the Metro and the other conferences this season….

    Who will play the best, the toughest and the hardest defense?????

    It is easy to put up the shots, but it is a different story when you have to play defense or you have to face that defense….

    You will get tired, but if you have some good defenders, there is a very good chance that you are going to win some ballgames…

    It will all come down to who has the best defense…Otherwise it is just all talk…

    Look at the Dudley Panthers football team…That is why they are 4-A State Champions…Their defense carried them to the Title…..

    The top defensive team in our area will be the best TEAM this season….Still think you have to say that the Dudley girls will be the favorite in the Metro…Now they have to go out and prove it….If they can play good defense then they will be able to do just that….

    Going to be fun as we wait to find that out….

    Support the kids and promote the kids…Don’t teach or pass along bad habits of cutting down/cracking on the opposition in a bad, you can do it in game way….

    The Page boys have to be the Metro boys favorites, but I do think Dudley will get better as the season moves on, and Grimsley is not all that bad….Have not seen Smith play and I know that Johnathan Lloyd will not be with Southern Alamance…Lloyd is already practicing with the Duke football team as they get set to go to their bowl vs. Johnny Manziel….He can practice, but he won’t be able to play until September, but he does get in the extra practice and he will get Spring Practice in for another early jump at Duke too….

    *****Let’ go check on Carolina and State and see how those college teams are doing…Vs. Texas and Tennessee*****

  14. Shaylen Burnett is on a mission, their team defense is tight and fast, not your typical SA team. Be ready Metro they are coming.

  15. According to Southern Alamance’s schedule on Maxpreps they have played a pretty soft schedule thus far. They barely got by Northwest and Southwest Guilford. We will see how prepared they are in a few weeks. The 6-0 start to me is a little over rated but we all know they will have a good team.

  16. New Coach, new philosophy, deeper bench, this team is very determined and focused. Can’t wait until the Metro gets going!

  17. @Soft schedule: Shay Burnett fouled out in the SWG in regulation and they still won in OT, She sat out quite a bit in the NWG game while coach played other players. I don’t consider either of those teams soft, I just see a deeper bench and a rested Shay in the fourth quarter.

  18. I’m happy people are being honest about the metro 4A. Southeast Guilford is 10 deep. No other team in the metro is 10 deep with girls that can play basketball. Dudley has all the high level talent but the bench will have to come up big to beat Southeast twice.

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