High School Basketball This Afternoon/Tonight from NWG, plus now SEG and Western Guilford boys too

Girls Final:Morehead 62, Western Guiford 49
Boys Final:Western Guilford 72, Morehead 57
Boys Final:Southeast Guilford 57, Providence Grove 42 at SEG….
At Northwest Guilford High School:
Girls Final:Wesleyan Trojans 58, Charlotte Independence Patriots 27….
Boys Final:
Northwest Guilford 79
Calvary Baptist 51

NWG:Kevin Henry with 14 points, Hampton Billups had a double-double with 13 points and 11 rebounds….Colson Everett had 12 points…Jalen Gore added 11 and Nick Powell hit for 10 pts….Jalen Spicer contributed with 11 assists….

End of 3rd Quarter:
NWG 62
Calvary Baptist 40

Boys Halftime:
Northwest Guilford 42
Calvary Baptist 31

Boys Final:
Greensboro Day School 77
Hickory Grove 35


NWG 64
Grimsley 31

NWG:Barber 14 points…Pointer 13..Newman 8…Neas 8…Wallace 8..Cat Moore 5…Tucker 4…
GHS:Mac Moore 17 points…Ramsey and Prendergest 4 each

Greensboro Day School 71
Hickory Grove 42


Northwest 31
Grimsley 20
1st Q:NWG 11, Grimsley 9
NWG:Barber with 9, Newman with 6 and Porter with 4….GHS:Mac Moore with 9 and Ramsey with 4….

Southwest Guilford 80
Southern Guilford 35

3rd Q:SWG 67, SG 22

Boys Halftime at Northwest Guilford:
Southwest Guilford 49
Southern Guilford 11

SWG Chamblee with 17 and KJ Langley has 10…Armer with 6 for SG


  1. Andy,

    I heard page girls played thursday vs Guilford County Homeschool and lost. Now I dont believe this.

  2. You heard right. That makes 4 games in a row and possibly 5 after tonight’s contest against Davie County. Can this give Grimsley girls and Coach Gunn momentum for an upset in the first round of the TIMCO. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  3. Page did lose and it was by 8 or 9 points….

    Greensboro Home School is now (14-0)….

    Pairs Kea is having trouble with her knee and did have to miss time last night….Hope hhe is full-strength for the TIMOC…TIMCO will be more imoortant than tonigh’s non-conference game…

    Hope to have a concrete score on last night for you soon…

  4. If it is her knee then she needs to sit out til they play Southeast. Sometimes you have to lose a few battles to win the war. Her teammates need to learn to play without her. Page will be stronger in the long run. She does not need to any injuries going into college.

  5. Just heard the news about PJ. Sad that his mistakes made him be kicked off the UNC team. I hope he has a plan B

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