P.J. Hairston(Dudley/UNC) can play in the NBA’s D-League if he so chooses

P.J Hairston can play in the NBA’s Developmental League/D-League this season if he so chooses…The league says that they will take players age 18 years and older that have been ruled ineligible to play college basketball, so P.J. qualifies and we will have to wait and see what he decides to do….

This does give you one route that he may decide to take and if you want to read more on the D-League and how it could be the next to the NBA for P.J., CLICK HERE….Good info and all on the upbeat….

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  1. If PJ was smart… rather, if he ACTED on what is the smart choice, he’d go D league right away.

    Trying to shop himself in Europe or get reinstated with another NCAA team won’t get him the development he needs to go high in the NBA draft.

    He and his family need to just walk away from UNC without any public harsh words or stunts for pride. He did this to himself. He could have stopped at any time.

    Swallow that pride and walk away for a fresh start to possible bright future.

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