Ron Rivera for NFL Coach of the Year with Shanahan, Schiano, Schwartz, Chudzinski, Frazier and Kubiak all GONE! What about Jason Garrett?

*****Should the Panthers’ Ron Rivera be named NFL Coach of the Year and should Jason Garrett at Dallas be let go too???*****

The ax came down hard today on several NFL coaches and anong those on the list to get the ‘Pink Slip’, on what they are calling ‘Black Monday’ are:

Mike Shanahan-Washington Redskins…This team will never get back to their old winning standards, unless Daniel Snyder gets out of the way and that is not going to happen…
Greg Shiano-Tampa Bay Buccaneers….Should have started the season with Mike Glennon at QB…
Jim Schwartz-Detroit Lions…..Had the perfect chance to take over their division this season and blew it…
Rob Chudzinski-Cleveland Browns….Mike Shula better be counting his lucky stars for the way this scenario worked out, with Chud leaving for the Browns and things working out like they did for the Panthers….Very strange turn of events for Chud…Panthers in the playoffs with a BYE and Chudzinski looking for a job….
Leslie Frazier-Minnesota Vikings….For some reason, things never clicked after the death of Adrian Peterson’s son early in this season….They said it wasn’t a problem, but you got to think it was….

Gary Kubiak-Houston Texans…Kubiak was let go before teh end of the season and how do you like that???? Coach has a heart attack and nearly dies while serving his team and the team kicks him to the curb….. This is a tough business////

WHO’S NEXT??? Is it time for Jerry Jones to make a move???

+++++On Chudzinski’s firing from, Ohio — Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam understands any skepticism directed toward the team about the firing of coach Rob Chudzinski after one season as coach.

Haslam and CEO Joe Banner said Monday the team made a mistake hiring Chudzinski, and they felt being decisive at this time was preferable to giving the coach another year…..*****