Wonder how many basketball fans will be heading out to the Greensboro Coliseum over the next couple of days/nights??

from Tuesday afternoon:Duke 86, Elon 48…Andre Dawkins led Duke with 15 points, on 5-7 shooting from three-point range….

UNCG men vs. N.C. State on Monday at 7pm in the Greensboro Colieum and then TODAY/(Tuesday), you have Duke vs. Elon…..Duke-Elon listed at 1pm per key reports and that may effect attendance…Afternoon game?…OK….

You would think this would get the local ACC fans fired up and the Coliseum should draw in a lot of Duke fans, with the drive being minimal, from Durham to Greensboro….

Most feel the Duke crowd will make the biggest impact over the two days/nights, and I guess we will have to wait and see what goes down, or who all comes….

I remember a Duke-UNCG game a few years back in the Coliseum that must have nearly SOLD OUT, with upwards of 20,000 fans on hand to see the Blue Devils and the Spartans and this one was on a Saturday afternoon….

You don’t get to see N.C. State all that often around here, and tonight is ‘The Night’, as they square off with the Blue and Gold of UNCG….Maybe State’s T.J. Warren will have a monster game and wouldn’t that be nice for the Red and White tonight???

This is real men’s college basketball tonight and Tuesday, so get out to the ;Big Barn’ on Lee Street and High Point Road, while you still can….By next year, Gate City Blvd. will be coming on through…..Rich Brenner used to call the Coliseum the ‘Big Barn’ and we will call it that in honor of Mr. Brenner….Sure he would have had a front row for these two games…..

State-UNCG on Monday….
Duke-Elon on Tuesday
….Not a bad doubleheader at all….

9 thoughts on “Wonder how many basketball fans will be heading out to the Greensboro Coliseum over the next couple of days/nights??

  1. If you show up “tomorrow night” for Duke-Elon at the coliseum, you’ll be disappointed. Game tips at 1.

  2. I tuned in at the very end of the NCSU vs UNCG game. What happened that caused Warren to lose his cool at the end of the game? Announcers said something about a hard foul.

  3. Don, I was there and they would not sale any of the cheap seats. They had curtained off the entire upper arena. Our seats were way in the corner and it was $113 for 4 of us to get in. Maybe if they allowed the upper arena to be open for around $10 a seat, they would make more money?

  4. from the Charlotte Observer on this one:

    GREENSBORO N.C. State and UNC Greensboro exchanged a few choice words in the postgame handshake line. The two sides had to be separated before it escalated into something more than posturing.

    Read more CLICK HERE

    State coach Mark Gottfried was really fired up about some lste calls by the officials and he was at mid-court going crazy and had to be held back by the State assistants…

  5. I listened to some of the game(second half) on radio and from what I was hearing it was a loud crowd and the ones that showed up were making some noise….

    Pretty early start for today and you could almost loose track of the fact that this is happening unless you mark your sports schedule….

  6. The Coliseum should have never been expanded. The Curtain is raised for so few events; but the cost of operating the coliseum is much higher because of the 13,000 blocked off seats. We lost hockey and lots of smaller concerts that attracted lots of citizens because of the increased prices.

  7. For today’s game, they curtained off the end zones. Our seats were 3 rows up in the end zone and curtain was at row 4/5. Sidelines were open, but less than 1/2 full. I’d guess it was 90/10 Duke crowd. Thought Christian Hairiston looked good for Elon. Hard to believe he’s the only player on their squad from North Carolina. And growing up a big Indiana fan, it was fun to see Jack Isenbarger (# 20 for Elon) whose dad played for the General back in the day. An obvious miss-match, but I did think the Duke defense was impressive. And they rebounded well, too. I counted 1 offensive rebound for Elon in the first half, and doubt they had 5 the whole game.

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