A look toward the West where Jarrett says, “Tarnished Tar Heels Play On”

CLICK HERE to read all from Keith Jarrett at the Asheville Citizen-Times….

Important college basketball read coming from Keith Jarrett at the Asheville Citizen-Times and Keith has laid it out here, giving us his take on the ‘Tarnished Tar Heels Play On’/Plan to play on through the tight spots….www.citizentimes.com

Here is one key cut/take from Keith Jarrett:
If the Tar Heels learn how to make free throws, they will no doubt have another successful season and maybe even make a run at a national championship.

And on the Road to the Final Four, they already know where they can get a good deal on a Porsche to take them there.

CLICK HERE to read all from Keith Jarrett at the Asheville Citizen-Times…..

A few more key parts of the Keith Jarrett post:

A former player employed by the basketball program — a guy twice suspended when he was a member of the team, allegedly for getting high — is found smoking pot in a $600,000 home he is renting from the famous coach.

A current player on suspension admits to breaking several NCAA rules involving impermissible benefits, including borrowing rented cars — like a Porsche — from a convicted felon.

Another player has apparently committed such egregious NCAA violations that the school decides to not even ask for reinstatement, leaving open possibilities that include rule breaking so major that the request would be denied or the school fears the player hasn’t been completely honest about his transgressions, which could lead to the forfeiture of games if the player was allowed to compete.

After the player is told he will no longer be allowed to play in games, he continues to practice with the squad and sits on the bench in his finest suit, much like the one he would wear to court to impress a judge.

UNLV under Jerry Tarkanian?

Nope, it’s coach Roy Williams and North Carolina, the tarnished Tar Heels that bear little resemblance to the revered program built by Dean Smith.

CLICK HERE to read all from Keith Jarrett at the Asheville Citizen-Times….

*****Had always heard that Asheville was Roy Williams type of town, his hometown, I was thinking…..*****


  1. Just felt there were many that had not seen it..It was sent to me and one of my first takes was that I found it interesting to see Roy Williams get this type of treatment in his own hometown…

    Just a few thoughts and it may have been important in this morning and possibly forgotten by the afternoon…

    Seems that is how this internet stuff works…

    Here and hot, then gone with the cold wind…

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