Large class heading to the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame:Denton, Rogers, Carr, Waters, Biedenbach and others….

Lots of big names going in, on May 9th in Raleigh, and some of the names are still with us and some have passed on….

Randy Denton(Duke Basketball/Carolina Cougars), Rodney Rogers(Durham Hillside HS/Wake Forest/NBA), A.J. Carr(Guilford College/News and Record), Frank Weedon(N.C. State), Bob Colvin(HS Football Coach), Bob Waters(The Coach of all Football Coaches at Western Carolina University), Eddie Biedbenbach(N.C. State/Davidson, UNC-Asheville), Lee Gliarmis(UNC and played both basketball and soccer) and Marshall Happer(CEO of the Men’s Tennis Council and a tennis leader in the state)……

CLICK HERE to see all and this is a real good list of upcoming inductees….