Seems like the Carolina Panthers have found their own ‘Flair for Success’:Word of the Week is WOOOOOOO!!!

*****We mentioned yesterday that Ric Flair gave the San Francisco 49ers a pre-game pep talk, prior to San Fran’s game at Green Bay and seems like it worked and now we learn that the Carolina Panthers have picked up parts of Ric Flair’s winning system as well….



Yes, Ric Flair.

Cam Newton has a ways to go before he reaches the popularity level of Charlotte’s favorite son, Ric Flair. When you talk about institutions in the Queen City, the 16-time heavyweight wrestling champion, often described in these parts as the platinum blond deity, remains king.

So it seems only fitting that the Panthers (12-4) have adopted “The Nature Boy’s” famous “WOOOOOOO” that he uses to taunt opponents.

Cornerback Drayton Florence actually came up with the idea one day in practice. He suggested that the defensive backs break with two claps and a “WOOOOOOO!”

Next thing you know the linebackers were doing it. Then the entire defense was doing it. Then the offense wanted to get involved.

Eventually, it led to whoever gets the game ball following a victory having to give two claps followed by the entire team going “WOOOOOO!”

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