Game Report on Smith-Dudley boys with Eagles on the run, 73-52

Smith 73
Dudley 52

Dudley scoring:
Mac McCain 14
Simeon Gatling 10
BJ Pittman 9
Khalil Vance 7
Yuau Shol 6
Hendon Hooker 3
Brion Seagraves 2
Isaac Brunson 1

Courtesy of Josh Prince….

Q1                                      Final
Dudley   8        14         15       15       52
Smith        17        16         19       21       73

Smith Eagles scoring courtesy of News & Record on-line:
A.J. Rogers 12, J.J. Watson 11, Devonte Phillips 10, Aaron Simpson 9, Myles White 9, Triston Scurlock 8, David Dowdy 3.


  1. Appreciate the Dudley stats…sure hope someone posts the Smith ones! Exciting games…both teams deserve recognition!

  2. Wow! A team gets whooped by another and the team that gets whooped gets their stats reported. Other than copying information from the news and record do you all do any real reporting on “Greensboro Sports”. Especially other than Page, Dudley, Northern and the other city favorites. Again Wow! Just saying!!!!!

  3. Stats were sent to us by Dudley and we thank all the coaches and teams that send us info….Haven’t seen a copy of the paper today…Most of our reading is done on-line and we were at two games last night….Page-SEG girls and at GDS-HPCA boys….We have a good network out there too and we do read many on-line sources, but all of game reports with the exception of what we do, the game reports are sent to us and we print what we receive…..Could always use more and hope that others will continue to send….

  4. Yeah, i wasn’t blaming you for not having stats..i guess it’s up to the schools to report the info somewhere online where you can get it..The comment about what type of reporting you do, actually has prompted me to write about something I hadn’t planned on doing. Last night I looked at another one of your links where you broken down a lot of the scoring leaders in area schools. this takes a lot of time and effort, so I do appreciate what you guys put out there.

  5. If there is blame we need to take it and if there is credit due, we need to pass it on…

    You are right about those stats from Tuesday…That was a time-eater, but you have to try and get all of the conferences from our area up there and at this time, my thought was the stats were bigger than the conference standings….

    We will try and go ahead and post those conference standings in a week or so…Should be getting much bigger by about next Friday, January 17….

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