Those in Charlotte say, “Flair no longer a Factor”:”Who needs Ric Flair anyway? Certainly not the Carolina Panthers”

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Who needs Ric Flair anyway? Certainly not the Panthers
Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer has put the word out there and this is how it is now…..

There has been a lot of back and forth about Ric Flair giving the San Francisco 49ers a motivational speech Saturday night in Wisconsin. In the speech, Flair told the team his “heart’ was with the 49ers, predicted they would beat Green Bay and also that the 49ers would come to Charlotte and beat Carolina.

So my question is: Who cares?

Flair is a washed-up, 64-year-old former star of a very fake “sport” who doesn’t even live in Charlotte anymore.

He can give a speech to anyone he wants to, but he is not the Panthers’ No.1 celebrity fan and has not been for a long time. Not even close. I give you two alternatives — both of whom are in their athletic prime, don’t get in trouble with the law and love the Panthers.

No.1 is Stephen Curry, who grew up in Charlotte, went to Davidson, still has a home in the Queen City and is an NBA star for Golden State.

No.2 is John Isner, the best American tennis player out there. He grew up in Greensboro, is friends with Steve Smith and is such a huge Panther fan that he will watch them in the middle of the night overseas on his laptop and can discuss their depth at offensive line in remarkable detail.

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