Friday Night High School Basketball Score Board – Friday, January 10, 2014:Who got the biggest win of the night, was it the Dudley girls 45-44 over Southern Alamance???

Update #16 – 10:38 PM

Our Games of The Night Northwest Guilford at RagsdaleAre Live from Ragsdale High School. Andy Durham and Dennis White have the call at GreensboroSports Radio on the Web. Listen to the replay of the Girls Game followed by the Boys Game. Then a replay of Thursday’s Basketball In Focus broadcast.

Boys Basketball
Eastern Guilford – 82
Rockingham County – 56

North Forsyth – 90
Western Guilford – 82

Smith – 77
Southeast Guilford – 43

Ragsdale – 70
Northwest Guilford – 56

Forsyth Country Day – 55
Greensboro Day – 61

Page – 79
Grimsley – 52

High Point Christian – 55
Wesleyan – 48

Dudley – 66
Southern Alamance – 60

Caldwell Academy – 62
Burlington Christian Academy – 52

East Forsyth – 59
High Point Central – 55

Southwest Guilford – 81
Glenn – 66

Northeast Guilford – 66
Eastern Alamance – 60
Todd Withers with 33 to lead NEG….

JV Boys Basketball
Southern Alamance – 55
Dudley – 48

Girls Basketball
Final OT
Northwest Guilford – 44
Ragsdale – 37

Southwest Guilford – 69
Glenn – 26

High Point Christian – 29
Wesleyan Christian – 47

Greensboro Day – 72
Forsyth Country Day – 33

Eastern Alamance – 67
Northeast Guilford – 56

Page – 50
Grimsley – 31

Southern Alamance – 44
Dudley – 45

Eastern Guilford – 43
Rockingham County – 31

East Forsyth – 37
High Point Central – 23

Southeast Guilford – 57
Smith – 39

New Hope Christian – 97
Heathwood Hall – 25

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Point totals to share:
Todd Withers for 33 for NEG boys, Anfernee Ellis with 14 for NEG boys while Junior Robinson had 32 points for Eastern Alamance and John Lamont had 11 points….Game went into Overtime before NEG pulled it out….Excellent game at John Primm Gym and Eastern Alamance rallied to send the game into OT…NEG now (6-1) in Mid-State 3-A….A couple of big three’s late by EA’s Lanmont Robinson helped send the game into OT….

Other numbers courtesy of Dennis White at…
Ragsdale with Daniel Kanakanui 19 points…James Stepp with 16 points…T.J. Parker 14 points… Tevin Quick with 9…Malcomb Burke with 7…Keenan Baker with 4 and Dequan Allen with 2….

Northwest Guilford….Nick Powell with 14, Jalen Spicer with 10, Jalen Gore with 7, Nick Yocum and Reggie Davis with 5 each, Hampton Billups with 4, and Colson Everett and Kevin Henry with 3 each and Tim Kilpatrick with 2 points….

Haley Barber with 17 points for the NWG girls…..Morgan Pointer and Leah Wallace with 8 points each….Toni Tucker with 6 points, Savanah Neas with 4 and Hunter Newman 1 point…….

For Ragsdale it was Pettyjohn and Dooley with 11 points each….Rawlingson had 7 for Ragsdale, Williams had 4, while McCollough and Quick had two points each…..NWG 44, Ragsdale 37 in OT…….


  1. @Fear……That’s an accurate and appropriate pen name to describe yourself. If you believe that you’re about as ignorant as your comment. Whole lot of basketball to be played so keep on wishing. Congrats to the Lady panthers. Ball on!

  2. @Tracy

    It is accurate. SA lost a crucial home game. SA has to now get alot of help from Page and SE to win the conference. If you lose 3 conference games you will not win the metro. SA will lose at Dudley and Page. That is 3 loses.. Season Over.

  3. @Fear…..Would you please email me the Powerball and Mega millions numbers? Your prognostications are posted with so much certainty and vigor that its almost believable. I bet you don’t feel so strongly about it that you would attach your name to it?……nope???? didn’t thinks so. Another psychic network wannabe. Ball on or in your case wish on….Lady Patriots are coming!!!!

  4. @Tracy

    I post my opinion. Don’t try to pull the “my real name” card. You have to do better than that. We are a little more creative in guilford county. 98% of the people on this site don’t use real names even you sometimes. I don’t have to be psychic to see the obvious. Your team gave a game away they should have won at home. The lady patriots are coming but they will not come to win the conference, conference tourney, or the state title. They are playing just to play now.

  5. @fear….There is one word that you used in your last comment and that word is “gave”, You said… it I didn’t. I wouldn’t want to look foolish and use my real name on such falsehoods either. Keep on wishing, hoping and praying though. We will see what happens in the coming weeks and then we will see who knows what. Ball on.

    P.S- I stand behind what I say and use my name….ALWAYS. I still would like those lottery numbers though.

  6. Lady Patriots know what has to be done and I am sure it will be accomplished. That “fear” dude is really scared of the lady patriots. Dudley was the benefactor of scheduling and missed free throws by the lady patriots. Nothing more.

  7. @ Fear….Thanks for those numbers, They have just as good a chance of winning as any (wink). On a serious note, I think this season is going to be a very exciting one in the Metro and when the smoke clears……just put it this way, There can only be one. I like our chances though, just wish I had the gift of foresight like you do (wink wink).

  8. I am always amazed that so much attention is paid to SA if the Metro conference and Greensboro is so great? When was the last State Championship for girls basketball out of the Metro? Seems like Dudley hasn’t been the great and powerful Panthers since 2009-2010 and the past 3 seasons Page, SA and Southeast have all had big wins against them. Welcome to 2014.

  9. So what, public hs basketball in “guilty county” stinks anyway. Most of the good players in the area are at the prep clubs. Guilford County, football season starts in T minus 7 months!

  10. @ Mr. Fear, that name fits you. But I’m Shaylen’s uncle. I’m always there with a ball cap and my iPad. If you want 2 put your money where your mouth is come holla @ me. Make sure u find me and sit right beside me. And watch the Greatest Show On Earth. Shay Day will be coming 2 the nearest school near you. Keeping it simple. See you soon.

  11. Oh lord.. Don’t tell me there are more of you reading this site.. I love seeing the SA player play but man I just can’t believe how much the family is willing to put themselves out into the public. I hope this does not carry over to college since it will be a local college. Just enjoy the player and have fun with it. You should not be answering personal attacks on a blog site. If the issue is worth addressing, then I am sure others will address it for you.

  12. @ Not another, If you read my comment it wasnt personal but if u feel that way so be it. One thing abt this family we dont have 2 put ourselves out there for Nobody. Her talents speaks 4 itself. You have others on here talking abt Guilford County gonna shut her down and they’re not gonna win another game in this 4A conf. Where were ur comment then? Like I said b4 just sit back and enjoy the show. Speaking of local colleges, that should benefit you. Get in ur car and watch her take her talent 2 the next level. You should be supporting kids like Shay Burnette, Paris Kea, Brianna Burgins etc.. Girlz like that wear their heart on the sleeves. Every game they give their Best. But I want u 2 know I have a seat 4 you on the other side of me. Since u have so much 2 say. Come and talk 2 me. Im a friendly guy. Lets enjoy what this little Super Star 2gether and see what she has 2 bring 2 this Metro 4A Conf.

  13. Lets enjoy this little Super Star 2gether and see what she has 2 bring 2 this Metro 4A Conf. A tight nit family that loves the game.

  14. From the Burligton newspaper and we will try and check others later….

    Shaylen Burnett scored a game-high 22 points. Southern Alamance (13-1 overall, 1-1 All Metro Conference) committed 23 turnovers and missed 22 free throws in the loss.

    I’m sure that April Kelly and Kelsey Durham also scored for SA…..

  15. Then the guy n the stands with the ball cap and IPad can get us all tickets ,put on his shoulder pads and we can all watch the game with him

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